Restokin Banner Contest Update

Sylly from Rolling Hots made me an awesome mini-banner as part of my banner contest. While I am not quite ready to announce the winner of the large-size banner contest, I have already settled on this one as my small icon for sure:

restokin icon

Isn’t the restokin cute? Thanks Sylly!

At this point, for the large-size banner, I have two really good submissions that I’m still trying to decide between, but technically I set the contest to run until April 15th. For anyone else that’s still working on something: I may end the contest early, so if you have something in the works for the larger banner size, you should let me know ASAP so I don’t stop the contest before you are done!

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4 comments on “Restokin Banner Contest Update
  1. Sylly says:

    =) what noise does a restokin make? It must be something between a hoot and the BLUUARF! noise of shifting into a tree…
    ah, let’s just settle for Woot! =) Enjoy your new little banner!

  2. scaresome says:

    If you two winners, it’s okay to rotate banners.

    At least, I think so!

  3. Kiliani says:

    I do intend to try to submit something, although I’m never confident that it’ll be as good as some of the work I’ve seen (the ones that won the Moonkin Repository contest were pretty great, even though I quite liked my entry).

    I’ve got some time tomorrow to pull it together methinks, so I’ll try to get it to you soon so you don’t feel like you MUST wait until the 15th.

  4. Lissanna says:

    Kiliani, it’s actually possible that I will rotate through different banners periodically, so even if I put one up before you are done, you are still welcome to submit something.


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