So you want to be a restokin?

I’ve spent some time saying why I think restokin builds are not as good as they used to be. However, I said that after patch 3.1, I would try to come up with some possible restokin builds people could try.

With the amount of burst damage now on it’s way out, it is possible that hybrid resto-balance builds could make a resurgence for arena PvP. However, it still seems somewhat unlikely to me right now.

Here’s what I came up with for possible hybrid builds. I have no idea if these would work out okay in PvP. They may be okay for leveling, where people might want to have flexibility of switching between damage dealing & healing. These are definitely NOT PvE raid specs…

33/0/38 – Picks up moonkin form and then some resto healing talents.

27/0/44 – Picks up improved tree form & then some DPS talents out of balance tree.

28/0/43 – Typical dreamstate Spec.

I’m not really recommending these builds specifically as anything I would particularly spec, but if people are coming here and looking for restokin spec advice, I figured it would be good if I posted something up. Good luck if you try to work out hyprid specs. Let me know if something actually works out for you…

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2 comments on “So you want to be a restokin?
  1. Emirhan says:

    Ok. here is what i’ve been LF for more than months…

    Why this one ? I’ll explain the logic :

    1) I need short casting times for both increasing dps and hps if I wont get AOE damage and healing spells of both trees.
    2) When not having improved HOT abilities of resto tree I had to rely on healing touch, nourish, swiftmend and nature’s swiftness. I got those.
    3) When not having wild growth I had to rely on tranquility more often. I got that.
    4) When not having mana reducing effect of resto talents I had to rely on mp5 power. I got even got dreamstate.
    5) When not having increased healing spell power I had to cast more spells with more crits. I have them both with nature’s grace, natural perfection and nature’s majesty.
    6) So… All these tell me that I have reasonable healing ability for a 5 man dungeon. Which depends on healing touch and nourish while still having swiftmend, nature’s swiftness and imp.rejuvenation.
    7) And still has dps abilities with shorter cast time, increased damage for wrath and starfire, increased crit chance, insect swarm, lunar guidance (which also boosts healing too)
    8) And I both have less threat generated for both healing and damaging spells with nature’s reach and subtlety.

    I’ve been thinking so far for this one and on every forum I had quite a fight for arguing a druid’s ability for both healing and damaging.

    I wish this helps people a little bit but i’ll gladly welcome any comments.

  2. Mendway says:

    Great idea i think ill try it out i’ve been experimenting with restokins and you have the same general idea as i do on what i need for raids and even pvp.


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