Sometimes, developers can change their minds (in a good way!)

Who remembers the days back in Molten Core when all druids could do was heal? *raises hand*

Sometimes, as much as we complain (constructively) about things that need to be fixed, it’s still important to remember how far we’ve come. I think that GC’s recent post had a really good point:

I understand what you’re trying to say with that last part, but the truth is our original design was that if druids want to raid, they have to heal. Our BC design was okay, you can try and raid with the other druid specs, but you are going to be inferior to other classes in tanking, casting or melee dps. We heard from plenty of druids who thought that was a terrible design and over time we decided we agreed and changed our vision for how raiding works.

In 4 years of WoW, the druid class in PvE has gone from: only being healers, to being sometimes able to do something else (but being looked down on by all the other classes), to actually being almost equal to other classes in all four of our roles. I mean, who thought the day would come when a moonkin would top the damage meters? This “shift” in design perspectives for the druid class comes with hugely great benefits for all of the non-healing specs.

Sometimes, change IS a good thing. I am happy that they decided to design feral and balance druids to be better at PvE and raiding than we used to be. I love the fact that if we spec for damage, we can actually do competitive damage (as in, that rogue doesn’t kill 20 mobs in the time it takes you to kill one!).

Will there always be problems with an MMO? YES, of course. There will always be some class imbalances. There will always be issues with pvp balance. However, it is good sometimes to take a step back and think about how far our furry and feathery friends have come in the eyes of the developers. Dear developers: thank you for listening and making balance & feral druids more viable for PvE raiding!

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5 comments on “Sometimes, developers can change their minds (in a good way!)
  1. scaresome says:

    I completely agree.

    I think class imbalances are the way things should be in certain areas; where I might excell in one area but you might excel in another.
    However, every class should be welcome in group content for the unique things they bring to that event.

  2. Anelf says:

    Some very interesting comments in GCs posts there.

    There is a school of thought that a hybrid class (and one could argue that Druids are the ultimate hybrid class) should always be inferior because of its flexibility.

    I play Resto, and I have no desire to raid as any other spec – because that’s what I do. Should I be penalized because I have other specs available to me that I don’t want to use? – No.

    Kudos to Blizzard for giving me a chance to top the meters.

  3. Megami says:

    As a druid since release, I remember the long, boring grind to 60 and the disappointing shock I felt when I realized I had to be resto to see end game content, or reroll. I did respec and play balance and feral alot, pre 1.8 as well.

    I’d say that the majority of end game raiders felt the same way back then- druids were an inferior class at everything but healing, and they let that fact be known every time you tried to do something other than heal.

    I think a lot of the newer druids (new being TBC and now, heck even post 1.8 if they didn’t level up before that) just don’t understand what a huge shift (lol) druids have gone through since release. It’s why I have no patience with all of the QQ on the forums about feral and balance. Yes, I’ve posted my fair share in discussion threads but I’m still so glad that they’ve come to their senses and realized the potential for this class.

    Dual specs are right up our ally and it will make playing a hybrid class even more fun. And now with all the this hype about how cool the new forms are going to be I’m still excited about my druid and I hope to keep playing her.

  4. Lissanna says:

    Some complaints have a good point. I just like putting a positive spin on things from time to time.

  5. Elemak says:

    I think that if a mage (or warlock) and a moonkin wearing equivalent gear and both played by skilled players are each independently DPSing a training dummy, they should be doing the exact same amount of damage.

    However, more of the druid’s DPS output should come from raid-wide buffs like Moonkin Aura and Earth and Moon. Thus, if that same mage and moonkin are grouped together and both DPSing the same training dummy, the mage should come out somewhat ahead.

    This way, the pure DPS classes don’t have a reason to resent the inclusion of a hybrid – they aren’t replacing them in the raid, they’re augmenting them – and the hybrid gets to contribute just as much to the raid as the pure DPS classes even if they aren’t personally at the top of the meters.


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