These purples do me no good… nothing like an orange legendary would!

Orange is the new purple

So, at this point, everyone knows that there is a new legendary mace coming in patch 3.1.

*starts singing* These purples do me no F*ing good, nothing like an orange legendary would. I smell a g-kick! I’m your basic druid looking for a guild… 55 purples good with any build!

Every time I hear news about the new legendary mace, the purple druid song gets stuck in my head.

I’ll probably never actually get one. However, I’d like to take a look at it. MMO-champion put up a whole page talking about the orange lewt of healing.

Er… I mean… Val’anyr – Hammer of the Ancient Kings

The quest to get the weapon can be completed by paladins, priests, shaman, and druids.

We don’t even have the actual stats for it, but because it’s oragnge, everyone wants one. Even my guild, still working on Sarth 2-drakes, is talking about how to decide who gets it.

Averna from Nerf this Druid spent some time talking about this new weapon recently.

For my guild, I think the pieces will just end up going to one of the few healers who are actually in our guild, since we run a mostly pug group. However, I don’t actually expect my guild to have someone running around with that mace very soon after Ulduar comes out or anything… but I’m still expecting it to be something that the officers have to spend time talking to everyone about, having meetings over, and dealing with anyone that gets grumpy about it… just because orange is always better than purple!

All guilds will still have to deal with who they will give the pieces to, as spreading out the pieces between all the healers will just really prevent anyone from actually seeing it. In the end, there have been legendaries in the game in previous raid instances. I remember one around for the original Naxx & AQ40 that was built about the same way as this one. Just remember to not get upset over loot. In the end, you’ll replace it with something better at some point. So, please don’t be hard on your poor guild officers, try to be understanding, and go with whatever they decide for how to prioritize the legendary lewts.

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8 comments on “These purples do me no good… nothing like an orange legendary would!
  1. Keeva says:

    Every time I see someone say “it’s obviously meant for paladins” I die a little inside.

    WTB info!

  2. Animagis says:

    Given the fact that Ulduar will be relatively easier to access than Naxxramas was before Burning Crusade, I expect the anxiety over the construction of this item to be something the likes the game hasn’t seen yet.

    It’s not like you can bid DKP for a single drop like a glaive or a Thoridal.

    Your guild is making a commitment to you and expecting you to hold up to your end.

    The potential for drama is frightening.

  3. Nigel says:

    It’s obviously meant for paladins. 😉 I am a Pally, of course!

    Though I am waiting on the stats to be revealed as I can’t see how this weapon will be amazing for both spirit based healers and non-spirit based healers. Mind you though, the proc is useful regardless.

    My guild has at least 6 potential healers who could get that. Though the way we run Naxx, only ever taken down KT once, I think that even though we get the fragments, the weapon will be a while to come. Loo

  4. Beruthiel says:

    We’ve set out some factors for who ours will be awarded to (attitude, performance, attendance), which has narrowed it down to three candidates for us…none of which is a paladin!

    I’m secretly hoping that it has “changing” stats like Atiesh did, so that it has something good for all four healing classes. Although…the way that Nourish is now being presented to us and strongly pushed into our healing rotation, the whole “single target healer” argument that paladins are making is kind of moot, sorry Nigel!!!!

    We’ve been fairly drama free with our orange distributions thus far, so hopefully this one will be no different *crosses fingers*

  5. Daez says:

    As a guild officer who will be helping to decide how to handle said pieces… Thanks for urging patience and understanding. Granted, I’m lucky in my guild that people usually fight over giving gear to someone ELSE instead of getting it themselves, but I can still see that causing some grumpy feelings anyway.

    Yerg. I hope that particular llama sticks it’s head in the sand, cause I dread seeing how much potential damage it could do. *sigh*

  6. scaresome says:

    I’m glad I’m a grown up!

    If it boosts the status of a fellow guildie, good for them!

  7. Anelf says:

    My first thought was also about how much drama this will cause. There are so many ways :-).

    Then I thought – “Hey – This is a Legendary item. Its supposed to be really rare. I’m in a casual guild, so I’ll only ever see it being worn by someone standing outside the bank”.

    Now I can sit back and look forward to reading about it on WoW Insider’s Guildwatch :-).

  8. Nigel says:

    If the shield stacks as per Divine Aegis in 3.1, the I’d love to see a holy priest with Circle of Healing or Prayer of Healing proc some. I even wonder how Prayer of Mending will work on a crit + proc for a disc priest.

    I can kinda see the single target argument for the purposes of tank healing, though from my experience, that applies more to a Disc Priest than a Holy Pally (I have one of each).

    Now if just the patch would get here.

    For those in guilds going after this, I hope drama gets kept to a minimum (even though as mentioned by others, it’ll show up on Guildwatch soon enough).


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