What happened to restokin talent builds?

As part of my planned posts for while I’m gone, I wanted to take some time to actually talk about restokin specs…

What is a restokin?

Outdated restokin specs on the druid wiki.Restokin is a druid hybrid spec, where you split your points between the balance and restoration trees. The primary use is for people who want to be able to heal while still doing okay damage. It’s also used by PvP druids, when it holds up as a PvP build.

Restokin varieties maximize the overlap between healing and damage talents in the balance tree, while pulling a lot of healing/survivability tools out of the resto tree. I originally used a restokin build as a primarily PvE healing build at the beginning of Burning Crusade  (I healed things like Karazhan with a restokin build, but later went full resto for 25-man content). Other people turned it into a popular PvP spec for druids during Burning Crusade.

Why is a site called restokin not promoting a restokin talent build anymore?
Mostly because I feel it got left behind when WotLK went live. I kept one version of it in my PvE healing guide, but I’m really not convinced that it remained viable in 3.1.

What about restokin for pvp?
It was holding on in PvP during Beta playtesting, but restokin was always the survivability spec, and in a WotLK world where burst damage won in PvP (and healing became a really demanding job with little room for error), I think the spec just fell behind a little bit.
A new blog (restotank) wrote up a good piece about trying to get hybrid druid builds to work in PvP, which had more encouraging things to say:
They came to conclusion that a 31/0/40 build was doing okay in PvP (if you are really interested in restokin specs, I really suggest reading their post).

There are plenty of people trying out feral/resto builds (that seem to be less effective in 3.1 than they are right now). I’ve seen some people trying out various “restokin” builds all over the place, but I’ve had a hard time finding many reliable resources that still say it’s a good PvP spec. Even GC recently hinted in some random thread on the tanking forms that restokin builds were more of a thing of the past.
NOTE: If you can actually get a hybrid “restokin” build to work in PvP, I’d really love to hear from you: What your spec is, how you play with it, and how it’s working out in PvP? Do you still plan on being able to use it when 3.1 hits?

What about restokin for PvE?
It actually does seem to be one of the better leveling healing builds, especially combined with the Healing Touch glyph. You get good damage and healing while leveling up, making you really versatile.
4Haelz even recommends a “dreamstate” spec for leveling healing as you are getting closer to 80.
Once you hit level 80, the way the current PvE game is designed, you have to pick either a resto build or a balance build, and you can’t be both at the same time.

Are dual-spec full resto & full moonkin builds the new 3.1 “Dual-resto-kin”?
One of the benefits of dual specs is that it makes hybrid builds really unnecessary for PvE purposes, and the “new” PvE Dual-resto-kin could end up being people who dual spec into one full resto build and one full moonkin build as their two dual spec builds.
When you can have two talent specs, you don’t need a hybrid build anymore – you can actually be really effective at both things (one at a time), instead of just being “okay” at both (at the same time). The dual spec system coming out in 3.1 gives druids lots of options of different spec combinations that we can try out.

I’m going to spend some time next week planning out the basics of what I plan to do for my PvE Moonkin + resto dual specs sometime next week, when I’m back in town.


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3 comments on “What happened to restokin talent builds?
  1. Phood says:

    I agree with 3.1 it becomes a lot less viable to be running a hybrid build.

    However I can think of some fights and situations that still require me to switch roles in combat (mallygos, thadius, 10 man 3 drakes, as well as numerous heroics and maybe more in 3.1), So what about running a PvE full resto (or boomkin) on one spec and restokin on the other for when healing is staggered like this and your role is required to provide more or less of the other spec.

    not sure if it out ways the having the complete otherone there though.

  2. Bal says:

    when LK hit the stores, arenas were about burst damage cause people didnt have any resilience back then. the more we progress through content, the more people can get new pvp gear. beginning the season, if you had 600 resil you were awesome, right now its min. required for most BG premades. burst damage starts getting mitigated alot and survivability will become a more viable option very soon. maybe we’ll a resurgence of restokins in arenas very soon… time will tell !

  3. Pix says:

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