What is a good 3.1 solo moonkin build, for primary resto druids?

Here’s the first Q&A I’m going to post. I would have eventually gotten around to doing this, but I wanted to give Jwgacy of Trollbane credit for asking me. 🙂

I tried to find some detailed information on if the PvE non-raiding spec for Balance is viable for farming/doing dailies. Like you, I plan on going Resto/Balance with dual spec, and since I’ve never actually played as a Balance Druid, I’m honestly a bit “out of my league”. I was hoping that it would make a good base spec for me to play with and tweak to my soon to be evolving Moonkin playstyle.

Jwgacy – Trollbane

Okay! So, here goes! With 3.1 coming out, you could pick up a “solo” moonkin build. This means that your focus could be around wanting to do decent single-target and AOE damage. So, in this solo build, you would want to pick up every AOE talent available to you.  For the build, I picked 3 glyphs for the AOE-grinding spec: Glyph of insect swarm, glyph of starfall, and glyph of focus. Glyph of starfall & focus gives you more damage for starfall & a shorter cooldown (focus will also make it less likely for you to pull the entire zone). For an AOE grinding set, moonfire & starfire glyphs aren’t that great, since you’d want moonfire as a “finishing” instant move. This would be my Non-Eclipse solo build.

If you plan on doing 5-mans and soloing, you need something more closely resembling a raiding build. So, dropping some AOE grinding talents in favor of more single-target damage talents, and an appropriate glyph set for instancing (maximizing your single-target instead of AOE damage).  This would be my Eclipse solo build.

Both builds pick up intensity instead of dreamstate, since you’ll get better use out of the spirit regen on your resto gear (and stopping to drink is still annoying).

For anyone using Eclipse for instancing, you want to pick up the Squawk and Awe addon. It’s the best addon for moonkin ever.

I have different builds I recommend for leveling and for raiding, but these are probably the best for a primary resto druid who just wants a “fun” build to play with while completing things like daily quests.

If you have questions about anything druid related, feel free to ask: lissanna70 (at) gmail.com

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17 comments on “What is a good 3.1 solo moonkin build, for primary resto druids?
  1. Sylly says:

    Nice! I’m going this route, myself, I believe, although I might be called on to DPS in raids on occassion, too. (My guild is overrun with healers). Would this build be acceptable for raiding, as well, or would you pick up some different talents for raiding?

  2. Lissanna says:

    The second one should do okay DPS in raids, but isn’t quite what “raiding” moonkin pick up. The first one is way too far from a raiding build (ie. things like Eclipse are Mandatory for raiding druids).
    Keep in mind that I do also have end-game moonkin builds in my leveling sticky. Something like the last one (Murmur’s build) would be more raid-oriented, since Faerie Fire finally lasts a whole 5 minutes as of 3.1, you’d want imp FF for a raid build (yay 3% crit).

  3. Chiyeko says:

    Nice post. Never tried balance in the four years i’ve been a druid. This is going to help me alot =)

  4. Longshot099 says:

    Great post to get me started. I have a level 70 druid that has been feral since day 1 and I am thinking of leveling him as boomkin in Northrend. I barely even know the names of my nuke spells let alone how to use them properly and efficiently. I would really love to see something that goes over spell rotations and tactics in single target and AOE situations.

  5. Kae says:

    Something I’ve been wondering: if we have bits of moonkin set in place of just wearing our resto gear, with the upcoming changes to spirit, would it be better to look into Dreamstate rather than Intensity? I haven’t really heard anything on Dreamstate vs Intensity with the nerf that spirit is taking.

  6. Graylo says:

    I agree with these for the most part, but I would make a couple of changes to the non eclipse build. If your not raiding or instancing much then then DoTs have little use because they will rarely run the full duration. At the same time Drinking and such is a real pain while farming. Therefore I suggest dropping Imp MF and Nature’s Splendor and picking up 3 points in Dreamstate. With this change your not loosing much DPS and and your padding your mana regen even more for the AoE mana hogs.


  7. smfea says:

    Anyone know if it’s possible to configure Power Auras to have a different aura showing when Eclipse is triggered for Wrath vs Starfire?

  8. Sylly says:

    Lissanna, check your email. =) There’s something there from me.

  9. Erdluf says:

    Good post. There are lots of variations you could use for the non-Eclipse build.

    I like Splendor and the Moonfire Glyph for the occasional tougher fight. Doing WG gathering dailies, a Flame Revenant has 25k health, and I’m fighting in a PvP zone of my PvE server. Stronger DoTs are helpful for the mob. Stronger HoTs and DoTs are critical if I end up in 1v1 PvP during the fight. If you have serious concerns about tough fights, consider adding the glyph of Rejuv.

    I like Brambles. It is excellent DPM. Consider a target with 1k health remaining. About 2s of Brambles+Thorns+AutoSwing is around 1k damage. You save the mana for an extra Wrath. You got out of the 5sr 1 to 2s earlier. Also, see the QQ about thorns from Rogues and Ferals in the DD forums. Brambles+Thorns+Owlkin Frenzy all work while stun-locked.

    To get Brambles, take points from Improved Moonfire (not very helpful if you glyph moonfire) and a point from Intensity.

    Graylo may be right about mana in 3.1, but I’m keeping my fingers crossed. I very rarely drink while soloing, but
    – I am a skinner. Usually after I AoE a group of mobs, I have some extra downtime for skinning.
    – 3.1 non-combat regen is being nerfed.
    – Level First Aid. A good heal without paying the mana cost for Rejuv+Moonkin Form.

  10. Lissanna says:

    @Kae, unless you are wearing full non-spirit cloth, or the moonkin PvP gear, you will have enough spirit for intensity to matter. You shouldn’t be losing while-casting regen, just out of combat regen…

    @Graylow, good point. I added your suggested changes as a possibility to my original post.

    @Erdluf, if you get better use out of brambles rather than more regen, then go with the build that works best for you. There will always be differences in what people need, and suggested builds can always be changed to fit individual playstyles (especially if you need a solo/world PvP build, which I didn’t cover explicitly yet).

  11. Adam says:

    I mean honestly, any build is going to be fine. If you are just looking to quest for the most part. You can pretty much use common sense. I’m imagining you aren’t looking to “AOE Grind” and you are already doing your dailies as resto. So this is just a way to speed up your dailies right? Even a full raid build would be fine. In resto gear you have so much regen anyways and downtime. You pretty much 3 shot each mob just wrath spamming. It’s really easy to kill stuff when you are specced to do it. Even in full resto gear, it’s fairly similar to moonkin gear. I like to wear crit gear more when i’m questiong, vs haste gear more when i’m raiding ( still keeping a good bit of crit though)

  12. Jalindrine says:

    Liz — One thing I often see in ‘kin builds, including yours, is five points in shapeshifting. I can’t see the value there; what am I missing? I shift very rarely in combat (toss in a wipe-preventing tranq, occasionally off-healing, and even then I only get to shift back if we recover), so the mana “savings” really isn’t one. And the extra 4% damage, though nice, can be easily recovered in a number of Balance talents.

    So, respectfully, what am I missing? ;^)

    @Adam — I wonder if you’re not right. Most any build seems to be fine that includes ‘kin form. Still, I can’t imagine ever not having Eclipse. Insane burst DPS makes for fun soloing and instancing.

  13. Adam says:

    Personally I usually kill mobs within 2 or 3 hits, regardless of a eclipse proc, If it doesn’t proc on the first shot, it will be dead before it procs. Opening with a starfire followed by wrath spamming kills so fast. Given i’m 5/5 val but still. I think if I’m not raiding I’d rather have those points in gale winds and/or owlkin frenzy.

  14. Adam says:

    But for instancing you definitely want eclipse 🙂

  15. Miskanthrope says:

    I found that, without raid buffs, my crit rate wasn’t high enough to proc Eclipse consistently while soloing or running 5-mans. If that’s your goal, I would skip it.

    Oh, and a personal lesson – don’t use starfall on trash in an instance, at least without the glyph. It can attract unwanted attention.

  16. Brad says:

    Umm, is it just me, or is the “Non-Eclipse solo build” and the “build suggested by Graylow” exactly the same? I don’t get it.

  17. Lissanna says:

    They were different at some point. I think they might have gotten messed up when I was updating builds after the patch came out. I’ll take one of them out for now.


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