What’s up with Eclipse?

With patch 3.1 coming out soon, it’s hard to keep track of all the changes. One of the changes that moonkin have been keeping an eye on is the buff that Eclipse received in an early PTR testing phase.

Murmurs recently went over the math for rotations with or without Eclipse, and found that Eclipse was about an 8 to 12% DPS increase. In a raiding world where even 5% is a huge difference, anything that will consistenly increase your DPS by 12% is going to be good. However, one of the problems with Eclipse is that it’s NOT consistent. It’s a little bit random, where it may increase your damage more or less in different boss fights.

What this means is that if you want to do competitive damage as a moonkin, you will pick up Eclipse. So, now that we have the “why is this mandatory?” part covered, lets talk about what it is we’re supposed to be doing with it.

First, for any raid damage rotation in 3.1, your goal is to keep up your DOTs (moonfire & insect swarm), and then also watch the timers for Eclipse so that your Eclipse rotation goes right.

Should you use Solar or Lunar Eclipse in 3.1?

I think  GrayMatter recently did a good job of explaining Eclipse rotations. Let me see if I can basically summarize things based on everything I’ve seen about Eclipse during this PTR testing phase…

Use a Solar Eclipse (starfire to buff wrath’s damage) if: it is a movement heavy fight, you have 400 haste or less (ie. wrath doesn’t clip the GCD), and/or you don’t run OOM using this kind of rotation.

  • A solar eclipse rotation would be: Moonfire, insect swarm, then starfire ’til eclipse procs & then spam wrath until Eclipse wears off.

Use a Lundar Eclipse (wrath to buff starfire’s crit chance): if it’s a stationary fight, you have more than 400 haste (ie. wrath clips the GCD), and/or you run OOM if you use a Solar rotation.

  • A lunar eclipse rotation would be: Moonfire, insect swarm, and then wrath until eclipse procs & then spam starfire.

In the end, go with whatever one gives you the highest DPS in any particular boss fight, based on your gear, and what fits you the best. You’ll need the squawk and awe addon, regardless of which type of rotation you go with. I don’t normally like addons that much, but this one is really a “must have” for any moonkin using Eclipse (especially if you are new to the whole moonkin thing).

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7 comments on “What’s up with Eclipse?
  1. Felkan says:

    For both rotations, what do I do during the Eclipse cooldown?

  2. Eglador says:

    Spam the cast that either grants most dps or conserves most mana, if you’re heroism’d/bloodlusted, spam starfire.

  3. Kiliani says:

    As it stands right now, for both rotations you’ll want to use Starfire.

    With the Lunar rotation, you will need an addon to track the internal cooldown of Eclipse so you don’t accidentally proc the Solar eclipse. 2-3 seconds before the internal cooldown finishes, refresh your DOTs and begin to cast Wrath. This minimizes the use of Wrath, which keeps the mana efficiency high and causes fewer problems with GCD clipping with high haste.

    With the Solar rotation, you’ll want to keep your DOTs up and Starfire until eclipse procs again – the addon isn’t really necessary with Solar eclipse.

  4. scaresome says:

    Wonderful, wonderful.

    Explained nicely … let’s go raiding!


  5. Brent says:

    “You’ll need the swawk and awe addon”

    Why is it no-one can ever spell Squawk and Awe? 😛

  6. Lissanna says:

    I usually spell it right…

  7. Grimshaw says:

    I don’t know if I’m late on this one but one way to also see the internal cooldown for the eclipse procc is through the addon “Quartz”. It’s basically a castbar you can move, scale, shape in any form and also comes with an additional addon for Quartz called “Quartz Eclipse” wich gives you a small timer above the castbar showing when the cooldown runs off.


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