Where are the new glyphs?

This is actually a question I don’t have an answer to.

I spent a lot of time during the PTR testing playing with the new glyphs (which they had made available on the special PTR vendor). Then, a few days ago, patch 3.1 hit the live servers. Since then, I have yet to see either of the new glyphs that I have been looking for.

I’ve been sitting at the AH waiting for the new glyphs to show up for the last several days, and they just aren’t there, or if they are there, they are ridiculously expensive (and people are buying ’em anyway).

We do have Glyph of Survival Instincts, and Glyph of Barkskin, each up in the Elune AH for 100 gold each. Glyph of Wild growth popped up on the AH today, for 150 to 165 a piece.

However, we still don’t have  Glyph of Nourish in our AH yet…

I’m waiting on Glyph of Wild Growth until it comes down to 100 gold or less… If I hold out a day or two, maybe it’ll become more reasonably priced.

Whose bad idea was it to make all the class’ most important glyphs be random world drops that no one would be able to find? I suppose it’s a good deal for the inscriptionists who get to monopolize the patterns and make 10,000 of gold off them in a day… but seriously?

I very rarely make posts just to complain about things, and usually spend all my time telling people to suck it up and deal… but I’m with Lavata on this one – what’s up with random world drop glyphs that we built our entire specs around and now can’t find (or aren’t at reasonable prices) several days after the expansion came out? Sometimes, random world drops just aren’t the way to do it.

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14 comments on “Where are the new glyphs?
  1. smfea says:

    I haven’t been able to pick up a single new glyph for either my druid or my hunter, yet. I did see one copy of Explosive Shot go by yesterday in the AH – for 1000G.

    I agree with you, this was not handled well.

  2. Asei says:

    Still no Nourish Glyph on Stormreaver either.

    Interested to try: Glyph + T7 4piece bonus + Idol of the Flourishing Life

  3. Dunnion says:

    We have Nourish on my server, this was the same way with Minor glyphs too, even though they didn’t play as big a role, the first couple of days there was only 1 or 2 people per server who knew certain glyphs, i must have made over 1k gold just selling the glyph of cleave, or something.

  4. Pix says:

    So annoyed… no Savage Roar, no Nourish, and no Wild Growth on our server. WTB more inscriptionists on Exodar! I really should create a horde alt to check their AH too.

  5. Bith says:

    Oh I know exactly what you mean! There is no Wild Growth, no Nourish, no Innervate (though it’s bugged), and ridiculously 200g Swiftmend glyphs. I’m a very very very sad tree.

  6. Anelf says:

    After the initial surge of excitement, Inscription has been in the doldrums since it was launched. I’m sure a lot of players dropped it. Maybe the others are exacting their revenge (and gold) from the sudden demand.

    Add to that recipes that are random drops. and we get … what we’ve got :-(.

  7. Megami says:

    New glyphs on Cho’gall are going for 150-250g but prices seem to be dropping already, below 200g for the most popular ones.

    I went with feral as my dual spec but I can wait until they are cheaper or until a guildy scribe gets one. 😛

  8. Attica says:

    “I suppose it’s a good deal for the inscriptionists who get to monopolize the patterns and make 10,000 of gold off them in a day… but seriously?”

    I’m not sure you already know, but all of the newest glyphs are only learned from world drop items. If you’re a scribe and happen to find one yourself, then it’s pure win. But if you’re not, then you have to pay a good chunk of gold to get it. It’s selling for about 5,000 gold on average on my server (Whisperwind).


  9. Keeva says:

    I gladly paid 200g for WG and 150g for Nourish.

    Gold grows on trees these days, and the WG glyph was so good in Ulduar last night.

  10. Lissanna says:

    Yes, people finding the books are making tons of gold, too…

  11. aramis says:

    My fellow tree and I in my guild were just discussing this. Still a no-show on the Drenden server.


    Kinda figured it wouldn’t show up right away and if it did, it’d be MASSIVE in price. I guess I’ll wait a little while. It’s not like we have another patch or expansion coming out any time soon… heh.

  12. GHA says:

    As a glypher on Azjol-Nerub, I spent 3-4 days buying every book I could find. Yes, I wanted a monopoly but I also did it for altruistic reasons. Day 1, I buy a book for 6k and get Glyph of Holy Shock. I put it up for 75g originally, thinking that was a bit high but I wanted to find out what the market could bear and I needed to make my money back. I sold all 5 glyphs and 5 glyphs suddenly showed up on the horde side for 500g. I took all my prices up to 150g and left them there and had a buddy post glyphs on the horde side at that price. He was helping me buy books and keeping the profits of the glyphs he sold on the horde side. So in 3 days, we spent probably 150k to buy all 56 books. I have just broke even and the prices are falling. Did I make a lot of money? Not really. Did people pay excessive amounts? They feel they did, but I personally kept those prices at 150 instead of letting them go to 300-500 as the resellers were trying to do. Don’t hate on your glyphers. We aren’t all out to make money.

    When people complained about the pricing in trade, I would tell them what I was paying for the books. They said it was my choice because I had to have them so soon. Yet they did not mind having the glyphs so soon. They didn’t have to buy the glyphs. Yet somehow they could not get their head around the fact that had I not done what I did, they might have been paying huge amounts of money or not seeing their glyphs at all. If I hadn’t paid the money, someone else would have and charged for more. The prices of the books didn’t go down for a week and they are still selling for 1k.

  13. Lissanna says:

    It’s not the glyphs themselves that I was so annoyed about, but the entire system (from the random drop books) that caused them to be so high. 🙁

  14. Tagarel says:

    I guess I’m lucky – Savage Roar and Wild Growth showed up on Dawnbringer Alliance-side within a couple days, and Nourish a week or so later. Books are running 1k-1.5k and the most expensive of my new glyphs was 100g. And we all thought that was bad! Guess not!


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