Wild Growth – Pains and workaround

It looks like a lot of healers use “mouseover” mods and/or macros for healing. The new wild growth bug is making it harder for some druids to adjust to their new healing strategies.


GC addressed the issue here, saying:

This problem does not seem to be universal. Is anyone having it without using mouseover macros?
By design, you can cast WG on any target, even yourself or an enemy.

Now, it looks like the problem is basically this:

  1. You target someone (lets say a dead mob from the last trash pull is still targeted, or someone out of your range)
  2. You want to choose someone other than your current target as the center of your Wild Growth (lets say you wanted to target yourself)
  3. You use your mouseover macro or mod’s capabilities to try and get Wild Growth to cast on you
  4. You get an out of range error message because WG is trying to target the thing in step 1 rather than what you are mousing over.

Because of the crazy way that I heal (ie. I don’t use mods or mouseover macros), this hasn’t yet really been a problem for me. However, the problem seemed to be so wide-spread that I wanted to make a post about it.

So, what do you do about it? Now that you’ve spent all week fighting with one of your primary heal spells, I wanted to post a macro that Shefki worked out in that same thread:

/cast [target=mouseover,noharm,exists] Wild Growth

These three lines become a macro where it clears your target, casts wild growth on the person you are mousing over, and then targets the person/mob you were last targeting. This gets around the problem by un-targeting the problematic person. You can just make this macro and use it instead of whatever strategy you use for your other heals. It should be useable along with whatever mod you were using before, and would replace whatever mouseover macro you’ve been using up to this point.

Just use that macro and you’ll be fine until the bug gets fixed. Good luck!

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8 comments on “Wild Growth – Pains and workaround
  1. Keeva says:

    I haven’t had any problems with WG that other people have been having.

    This is my macro for all of my heals:

    #showtooltip Wild Growth
    /cast [target=mouseover,help] Wild Growth; [help] Wild Growth; Wild Growth

    My macro prioritises healing this way:

    1. If I have a mouseover target, heal that target.
    2. If no mouseover target but a normal target, heal that target.
    3. If no mouseover AND no target selected, just heal me.

    So it prioritises the mouseover target over an old (possibly dead or out of range) target that I have clicked on. This means no need to clear targets and then targetlasttarget 🙂

  2. Erdluf says:

    If WG supports targetting enemies, but you’d prefer the behavior Keeva described, (friendly mouseover/target/self) you’d want:

    /cast [target=mouseover,help][help][target=player]Wild Growth

    or change the end of Keeva’s macro from

    …; Wild Growth


    …; [target=player] Wild Growth

    Shefki’s macro only handles the mouseover.

    Based on GC’s comment, Keeva’s macro (as written) prefers a ‘nohelp’ target to herself.

  3. Togusan says:

    Yeam im havin this problem with the grid+clique combination. I was going WTF all the time because it seemed to happen only with wg, lol, good to know it wasn’t only me.

    I wonder if clique support a macro as spell.

  4. Kyrsyii says:

    Thank you for the insistence of trying out that macro posted earlier in the thread in the WoW forums, Lissanna! It worked beautifully for a Naxx 25 man run that I ran yesterday. (Yeah, I know, I’m a bad girl and don’t look at Restokin as often as I should >_<)

    I do hope that the developers fix the problem. Mouseover macros in general help prevent things like wrong targets being “stuck” and healed instead of your intended target. Not to mention that the auto-targetting from being damaged (it’s too useful a feature in some fights and in soloing to turn off) by something will typically auto-target a boss. Mouseover macros in conjunction with spells like penance, wildgrowth, dispel, and circle of healing all permit a healer to have a boss targeted, but have the spell go elsewhere to its intended target.

  5. Thedoctorr says:

    I use grid BUT I do not use mouseover macros (except for decurse and abolish poison). Yet I get the “out of range” error/message when I try to alt-hotkey wild growth to self cast. Is this because using alt to self cast with a hotkey works in some way like a mouseover macro? I’m confused as to why it’s happening to me in this way if everyone says its a mouseover thing.

  6. Lissanna says:

    The Alt-hotkey self-cast thing is also broken. It’s basically having the same bug as the mouse-over macro & strategies that are breaking.

    I’d suggest just using one of the “working” macros that you can use to target yourself instead of the alt-hotkey (Erdluf’s macro would seem to be what you want)

  7. Kae says:

    My own macro,

    /cast [form:1] Feral Charge – Bear; [form:3] Feral Charge – Cat; [target=mouseover,exists,help] [target=target,exists,help] [target=player] Wild Growth

    …was having these same issues where it was not obeying the targeting directions and trying to only cast on my current target. I attempted to use Keeva’s macro, and had the same issue. 🙁 Not sure why it works for Keeva but not when I use it! I had to use the target-clearing to fix it.

    • GreenTater95 says:

      /cast [target=mouseover,noharm,exists] Wild Growth


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