Monthly Archives: May 2009

Spotlight on: Upyursh's resto "priority" flowchart

I just came across a flowchart with suggestions of what spells to cast under what conditions (ie. healing tank or raid? Is your target taking a lot or a little damage? etc). Click here for the link to Upyurish’s healing in Tier 8 priority chart. Basics of raid healing, according to his chart: There are […]

Go blow up murlocs. posted a link to a really fun murloc blowing up game. I got to level 40 in it. I’m pretty sure that you can’t lose or die. You can just pew pew pew and work out all your frustration and anger. That’s all I got today… 40 levels of dead murlocs.

What WoW could learn from LotRO player housing

So, I have a Lord of the Rings online account that I’ve talked about once. I still just have a couple very low level characters (since their end-game sucks, I may as well draw out and enjoy the leveling part that is much more well done). I really wanted to talk about player housing, and […]

Dear Regrowth, I miss you

I’ve seen a trend in my WWS reports…. Living Seed is doing more of my healing than regrowth. It’s not that Living seed is doing much of my healing, but that my regrowth is healing about 4.5% of my total healing done, and living seed it beating it by a couple percent. I remember when […]