Dear Regrowth, I miss you

I’ve seen a trend in my WWS reports…. Living Seed is doing more of my healing than regrowth. It’s not that Living seed is doing much of my healing, but that my regrowth is healing about 4.5% of my total healing done, and living seed it beating it by a couple percent.

I remember when regrowth was 60% of my healing before 3.1 came out – not even that long ago! I’ve been using it less and less and less over time. I moved it from one of my main buttons to one of my less used buttons. I pretty much only cast it on the tank I’m assigned to. I don’t use it for raid healing anymore.

I can’t tell if it got over-nurfed, or if our other spells (ie. nourish for direct heals & rejuv for raid healing) just got that much better.

Bellweather spotted a trend in their raid’s data, where their nourish-spammer was doing higher healing than the non-nourish spammers, but all three of them had very low regrowth numbers, regardless of their healing style.

In addition, I’m not as worried about someone having high nourish numbers, since there are plenty of druids running around in full Tier 8, where rejuv takes up a large chunk of healing done. It’s possible that Bellweather & one of their raid members are over-using lifebloom, where maybe it should be a support spell rather than the primary spell they use.

However, I usually don’t top the meters in my current guild’s raids, mostly just because I’m assigned to tank healing and not raid healing most of the time (and if I switch from my tank target, to try and top off people in the raid too much, I have a much higher risk of wiping the raid from letting my target die – though that doesn’t really stop me from using Wild growth a lot). Overall, I put very little faith in the rankings of who has the highest #’s for the night, as people assigned to raid healing have higher numbers than people assigned to tank targeting in general (but I’m getting way off-topic. I’ll complain about healing meters some other day).

The druid that beat me on the healing meters in my raid last night actually had higher regrowth percentage healed (16%) and didn’t use lifebloom much, if at all. (then again, I beat the same druid the week before without our healing styles changing all that much in the 2 weeks).

Should I be using regrowth more? I’m not sure. We have so many “good” tools that it’s hard to know when to use them, or when to not use them. I also only have so many spells I can juggle between during the fight – at a certain point, spending time trying to decide which heal to use will end up slowing me down rather than increasing my efficiency. Maybe it’s lifebloom that’s broken & dragging us down, and maybe we should switch out lifebloom in favor of using regrowth’s HOT more. Or, Bell and I can just wait to get our “rejuv wins all” set bonus…

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5 comments on “Dear Regrowth, I miss you
  1. Kauth says:

    Actually, last raid I topped the meter with ~2 mio in front of the next druid (who I consider a player with even or better skill than me) and regrowth accounted for a big chunk of my total healing done on par with rejuv and followed by lifebloom. Yes, I barely used nourish! I mostly did raid healing with occasional tank support, that’s why.

    I think regrowth is still the superior direct heal for raid healing because of two factors: 1) It does not need hots on the target to be effective. 2) It applies a long duration hot that will top off players in case of minor injuries and gives an effectivity boost to a nourish follow-up.

    The only situation in that I’d consider nourish superior for raid healing would be that a) time is absolutely critical (like a light bomb + tandrum on pre-nerf XT-002) and/or b) the target has already hots on it.

    But, you know… that’s the beauty of druid healing. You don’t HAVE to do it one way. There are so many valid playing styles that I would always choose this class if I had to decided again. 😉

  2. Leirynn says:

    I’ve been experimenting with Lifebloom post nerf, and it’s honestly become a rather lackluster spell for me. It just doesn’t feel like it’s worth the setup time anymore. Then again, my guild tends to run light on healers, so 3 GCDs and mana to waste on it tend to be in short supply. I used to use LB as one of my main raid healing tools, but not anymore. What I have been doing is using Regrowth more often.

    The nerf did limit my use of regrowth. Before, I used it as a tank heal because of the crit rate, living seed, and the glyph. Now, with Ulduar, I’m using it as one of my main raid heals. So many bosses have damage auras or raid aoes or dots that I’m finding the HoT on regrowth to be pretty amazing, especially paired with a rejuve.

    Lifebloom has been the biggest casualty for me since the 3.1 changes. There are so few situations, outside of pvp, where I find it worth using at all. For raid healing, rejuve and regrowth are amazing, especially for ulduar fights. For tank healing, regrowth still has a strong place with its long HoT. Regrowth may have gone down in usage, but for me, LB is the spell that really needs help.

  3. Midorii says:

    I have never liked Regrowth, probably because of the really bad taste it left in my mouth from the days of MC and pre-MC. I still use it but only to get an extra HoT going on a tank, either on the pull or if they are taking significant damage, and even then it’s just to get an extra boost for Nourish. However, the other druid in our raids does like Regrowth and we do approximately the same amount of healing so I believe the two spells are matched pretty well. Both of us are HoT spammers though, which means that Rejuv dominates our EH.

    I also find that LB is not as dead as I thought it would be and it occasionally creeps up into third place for EH. When I am more tank-focused I try to keep a roll going. We tend to do FFA healing and rely on the healing team to sort things out. This works well since we’ve been healing as a team for quite some time.

    All that being said, I got my four piece about a month ago and all I can say is that it is like crack for a resto druid. Once you get it, you won’t be able to stop the rejuv spam. I also believe it has reduced my effectiveness somewhat (although increased my EH) but I cannot seem to stop!

  4. Siobhann says:

    I’m with you. Downranked Regrowth was my go-to button for reactive raid healing in BT. I use Regrowth mostly as a tank HoT now. With a GCD hasted close to one second, it’s much faster to throw rejuvs out on the raid when I anticipate damage. After damage, it’s WG and Nourish. I have a 45% crit rate on Nourish raid buffed, so even without a HoT it’s not a half bad heal.

    I do use Regrowth on the raid for something like Sapph where the more ticking HoTs I have, the better.

    I was tank healing in Ulduar the other night and to my surprise, Lifebloom ticks topped my EH. I kept Regrowth ticking, but I was usually able to Swiftmend when we needed more burst than the priest I was working with could provide. If Swiftmend is down, I hit nourish rather than Regrowth.

  5. Sydera says:

    You’re doing exactly what I’m doing with Regrowth! Tank target only.

    I’ve never been a meter-winning type because I always assign myself to a tank. Just don’t even think about it. I look at the combat log parses to see if I could make any personal improvements. A lot of times I’ll see mistakes in my technique–like a Wild Growth on the MT in XT, where it would have been wasted because no one would have been in range of him. I’m also seeing more and more rejuv for me lately, with no T8 4pc yet. It’s a strong spell regardless.


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