Do I make you /dance?

So, I finally got my prize that I won from Twisted Nether. Thanks Fimlys &  the rest of the Twisted Nether crew!

It’s a slashdance TCG loot card, that I won when I logged into the chat for the live taping of Graylo’s interview there.It gave me 100 party-grenades that I can cast on a group of people (like the holiday wands, only slightly less annoying). So, now I can host official druid dancing parties in my raid groups. I’m sure they’ll get sick of it soon, and are thankful that I’ll eventually run out…


Graylo’s interview is now posted up on the Twisted Nether Blogcast site. You should go listen to it. You can also see (from their main page) when new live shows are coming up (usually late Thursday nights for people on EST).

Next week’s show is with Brigwyn from The Hunting Lodge. Right now, Brigwyn is running a Child’s Play charity auction. So, I recommend that you go check it out. They have a lot of really neat things up for Auction.

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