Does Furor need an update for the bears?

As much as I still have nightmares of the pre-BC furor bugs every time they tried to change the talent, I really think that Darria on the Tanking forums has a good point. The bear side of furor: “Gives you 20/40/60/80/100% chance to gain 10 Rage when you shapeshift into Bear and Dire Bear Form”.

Now that most bears are only putting 3 points into Furor (so they can afford the 2 points for Improved Mark of the Wild, that means bears are running around with a 60% chance to gain 10 rage. This is even a setup that I started to recommend for my leveling builds, although it really worried me that there is such a high % chance to NOT gain 10 rage.

In PvE, this means that bears are just shifting a couple times until it procs, which is an annoying way to deal with the mechanic, but likely one that is actually preferable to investing a full 5 points in Furor. For PvP, I’m pretty sure it’s much more likely to ruin a poor feral druid’s day…

feral-charge So, how about taking Darria’s suggestion and changing Furor to be: “100% chance to gain 2/4/6/8/10 rage when shifting into bear”? This is something I can stand behind. It stays the same talent point cost, but it isn’t random.

Feral charge – bear is 5 rage. This is most likely what you would need the rage of Furor for. With 3 points in Furor, this would give you 6 rage – just enough to charge, but not enough to do anything else. And, that’s fine with me.

Another possible solution would be to shrink the entire talent down to 3 points, and then to move down Natural/master shapeshifter, but I think that’s a little bit too dramatic of a move for the developers to do outside of a major talent overhaul (OR, they could move down Improved Barkskin to the lower part of the tree, to make it available to all druids… but this would put feral druids in a position of having MORE talents to pick up, so that may be a bad idea in the long run)…

So, it’s possible that just taking away the random element of furor for bear form’s furor would solve a lot of the problems with that talent right now.  What do you guys think?

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5 comments on “Does Furor need an update for the bears?
  1. Kazril says:

    Taking away the random component would probably be good. It would make the talent seem more useful when you don’t put full points in it. It kind of feels useless otherwise.

  2. doomkin_at_heart says:

    I completely agree.

    Well written.

  3. Lavata says:

    It would be great to eliminate many of the random elements for a static improvement. However Blizzard seems to love random and reward random rather than put in X get Y.

    I know the argument about pay offs and lottery/gambling which is the carrot and stick of raiding. It is unfortunate that the player base has to be such lemmings when it comes to getting rewards.

  4. Lavata says:

    To expand upon my comment about Blizz loving random at the expense of simplicity.

    See the loot system that when run an instance 80 times to farm for 1 item that item does not drop even though it should have a 10-12% chance to drop. Random Loot sucks.

    Look at Moonkin rotation. Moonkin in WotLK needed a new nuke spell to expand and make the rotation interesting. What does Balance get, Eclipse, go go random proc of hell.

    Managing Buffs and Debuffs does not make a fight or rotation interesting. All it does is add a layer of complexity when you are already trying to Dodge AOE damge, Threat (we miss you salvation), Mana (Mana regen Nerfs, then spirit nerfs) only because they insist on putting spirit on everything.

    Actually for the love of god Blizzard try and sync the left, right and how many other hands messing with the code together. The mana regen problem was caused because you wanted to screw with itemization and insist that everyone gets spirit and likes it.

  5. Lissanna says:

    There is a place for random, and there is a place for things that shouldn’t be random. Furor wasn’t ever intended to have people only invest three points in it. The change to imp. MOTW is what is making me come back and re-evaluate this talent.

    Random in a loot system is a much different topic and has nothing to do with Furor… 🙂
    The bear side of furor adds pretty much no “rotation” element. You either get rage the first time you shift, or you shift more times. That doesn’t ADD anything to the game.


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