Fear the Failoc: The road to Blizzcon 2009 (or not)

During the ticket fiasco of Blizzcon 2008, I made my own OOPS murloc (the Failoc, as WoWinsider has dubbed the real version) using the white-flag-holding murloc from the Borean Tundra quest giver area (that was during Beta for WotLK, after all!).

I thought I’d bring back my version of the OOPS murloc for everyone to see while we prepare for this year’s ticket sales impending doom:


Lavata & I managed to snag up some tickets last time, and went to Blizzcon 2008 (where someone did manage to take a picture of me during the class panel and put it up on the internet.).

I’m here prepared for tickets. I got up a couple hours before ticket sales started, logged into my battle.net account, pulled up the Blizzcon website, loaded up the ticket sale screen… and now have all 3 windows open on our spare computer (where I won’t risk accidentally refreshing the screen when I get into queue)… and now I sit and wait. and wait. and wait. I have Blizzard’s billing phone # on speed dial just encase something goes terribly wrong. At least they gave us an actual starting time this year. I really thought they wouldn’t.

I’ll post updates here later today to let you guys know how things went (I’ll re-edit this post instead of making a new one). I was going to post about druids today, but I’m far to distracted with ticket waiting. With my luck, I’ll be waiting until the second round of tickets, but who knows…

Update 1: Aww. I missed it by a couple seconds and got stuck at 7077 in queue. I have about a 2% chance of actually seeing tickets today…

Update 2: At 52% stock left, I’m still #5338. So, at about 2,000 in queue they’ve sold half their stock.

Update #3: After 28 minutes of ticket sales, the items in my cart have sold out, and I was still multiple thousands in queue away from getting one. /cry. Guess I’ll have to click faster next time. Given the fact that you had to have super fast reflexes to get in the early part of the queue, my bet is that I won’t be going to Blizzcon this year. The queue system is better than the fiasco of last year (even though I got tickets then). However, the demand for tickets is so much greater than the supply of tickets that most of the people who want to go won’t be able to go. It’s really kindof frustrating and disheartening that Blizzard’s loyal fans can loose out to random clicking times. I also hate everyone that is selling Blizzcon tickets on Ebay right now. There should be a special place in Hell for those people.

Anyway, I guess if I don’t get Blizzcon tickets, I can always try for the webcast/internet stream version (which should still give access to the murloc pet).

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4 comments on “Fear the Failoc: The road to Blizzcon 2009 (or not)
  1. Lavata says:

    Well Lissanna just told me the tickets sold out just occurred.

    I will be writing up a full post on my blog about my views on Blizzcon last year. The trip was fun but not because of the convention. As far as conventions go I was disappointed with the set up.

    As for Blizzard conventions in general they need to wake up and quit acting like they are not the 11M lbs Gorilla in the corner.

    So as of last Blizzcon with 10M players world wide and a cap of attendance around 25-30K people. This means that .25-.3% of the playerbase has a chance to go to that event. I am sorry but that is complete Bullshit.

    Blizzard owes it to their fans to either host the even somewhere where 100-125k people can attend or better yet have 4-6 events held at different locations around the world every other month. If the same cap of 25k is kept at each that at least lets 1.5% of the player base attempt to go.

    I will get into specifics about annoyances with last blizzcon in my post and not take up Liss’s space here.

  2. Ceres says:

    I’m from europe so going to blizzcon is out of the question (no money ^^;) but I just don’t understand why they don’t use the same system they did with WWI tickets to prevent them from going on E-bay or sth like that (when we bought the tickets we bought them in our name and so only we could pick them up)..it’s a major fail imo. A lot of fans will be missing out on it because of some greedy bastard who will buy the tickets only to sell them for 3 or 4 times it’s price on e-bay.

  3. Beruthiel says:

    Brade and I were able to get tickets, but two of the guys in my guild ended up in your position Lissanna. However, I was early enough in queue that I was able to snag tickets for them.

    I wish you luck in snagging some on May 30!!!

    The sale system really was SO much better this year than last year. But I also don’t understand why they don’t hold it in a larger venue, like the LA convention center, so that they can meet the demand of the those players that want to go =(

  4. Lavata says:

    I have added a post to my blog about Blizzcon and ways to hopefully improve it in the future.



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