I finally updated my kitty leveling build!

I have been working on my leveling guide, to get it more up to date with the 3.1 changes. Today I’m unveiling the new version of my cat leveling strategy. It’s not that much different than what I had before, but now at least it’s using an up-to-date calculator with the talent changes that went live in 3.1. There are some subtle differences (like picking up imp MOTW & primal gore, and not picking up Natural/master shapeshifter).

I updated it it on my blog post here, as well as on the druid forum sticky post.

You can post comments in this thread if you have suggestions on the cat leveling build or anything else in the leveling guide that might be out of date these days.
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On another note: I have also been working on my fishing skill. I got up to 241 (up from about 150 a week ago). I have also been doing the Dalaran fishing daily, but haven’t gotten anything exciting yet. I didn’t learn until this week that I could do the Dalaran fishing daily at any level (I missed that memo somehow), so I’ve started doing those, and with the help of some +100 lures, it doesn’t take too long to get my quest objectives.

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6 comments on “I finally updated my kitty leveling build!
  1. Ellyen says:

    I’d always advise low level druids who want to level with a feral build to start off with 11 points in the resto tree.

    Furor (5)
    Natural Shapeshifter (3)
    Naturalst (2) – Just a filler could be others
    Omen of Clarity (1)

    Having Rage / Energy when you shifts allows you to pull with a spell (or 2) switch to feral form and get on the DPS quicker. OOC also helps increase the DPS and naturalist for more damage doesn’t hurt either.

    I find this results in quicker kills while levelling, after these 11 points I’d then start to go into the feral tree.

  2. Lissanna says:

    I go back & forth on when to pick up the resto talents. For a single build to keep the whole way through, picking those points up after mangle works best.

    It’s messier if I say go resto first & then respec at 50 for mangle (though I have suggested it before). There is always more than one way to level. I used to have people go and pick up the resto talents once they had Feral charge, but that was when it was a lot lower in the talent tree…

  3. rfarris says:

    Where can I find the pawn values to help choose gear as I level? I’m using your kitty leveling build, but all the ep values I can find are old.


  4. Lissanna says:

    You can use wowhead.com or thottbot.com to look up items from their websites. There aren’t a lot of rankings of what is good or not as you level (most gear guides are for level-cap).

  5. rfarris says:

    More specifically I guess I should ask: Since 3.1.x dropped, is Strength still the best stat for kitty armor? I heard that Agi was more important now. I just got some gear in Zangar with 2 red sockets. Should I put in strength gems or agility gems? One of each? lol


  6. Lissanna says:

    Once you hit the point that you can gem gear, you’d want agility and not STR gems in it.


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