Lack of info about new form update makes me nervous

There has been a complete lack of information about what they are planning to do to our new graphic forms.

Last time they “updated” cat & bear form (mostly minor face adjustments), the druid community got really upset and hated what they did (hence why we want new graphic forms so badly) – because in some ways, they made it worse than what it was in the first place. Our cheetah travel form was supposed to be a “placeholder,” and then we got told later on that they intended to keep it.

They told us about the possible polar bear glyphs and people complained about them (mostly afraid of wasting glyph slots – not that we have many minor glyphs worth using in the first place).

There have been a handful of posts letting us know that they ARE working on them, but nothing about WHAT they are working on.

You’d think that they would at least give some hints before they finalize  stuff, and let us give feedback on whether or not we could live with what they do. Without information, we can’t let them know if we like what they are working on, or if we hate it and we’re going to keep complaining for the next 4 years about how we look.

After almost a year of hearing that Blizzard is working on graphic form updates, we can’t get any info about it at all?  Maybe Blizzard could show it to a couple members of the druid community (like Big Bear But) and have the members of the community say that what Blizzard is planning to do will work for us (or, to give feedback to Blizzard saying that we’d like to be able to close our bear mouth sometimes ’cause our throats are kinda dry).

Are they going to be attached to a dressing room? Will there be new quests? Will we like what they are going to look like? Are they going to look interesting and distinct? Are we going to get options for different colors/shapes/sizes? Are we going to look worse than mounts other people can get & hunter pets that have 100x’s better graphics than our feral forms? We don’t know.

I understand that someone is always going to be unhappy, but with how much anticipation that has been built up for the druid community as a whole, we’re really just likely to be disappointed.

We just have to wait for what feels like an eternity and pray to Elune that the developers and artists (who get to make the decisions with zero input from the players who are stuck with the final graphics) will actually pull out something cool that we actually want. I’m not sure I have quite enough faith in them to do it right, and if they do it wrong – then we’re going to have to spend multiple years more begging for it to be done right.

At this point, I’d almost rather just be able to choose from the current assortment of hunter pet models than gamble on what might be coming (we could always choose a different tenacity pet group for each talent tree). Part of me wishes that we just let the polar bear glyph go live.

I really just don’t like the anticipation and lack of information from Blizzard about what model I’m going to be looking at for the next few years. I just don’t really like big surprises that take months of waiting & anticipation with zero information.

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14 comments on “Lack of info about new form update makes me nervous
  1. Sydera says:

    Take heart! Whatever they do can’t be worse than our current forms, really. That would be pretty hard to do.

    In all seriousness, I agree with you.

    My personal fear is that there are actually new forms coming and that the posts hinting about them are distractions.

  2. Sydera says:

    Hmm, I meant to say that I worry that there are NO new forms coming.

  3. Aerivore says:

    I for one really like the travel form – it’s the best form we have as far as graphic and movement. I played a Nelf druid first and loved the cat form there, hated the bear (what’s with those ears? and why on the lowbie flight form, too?), but switching tauren made it worse. Wyverns have to be the stupidest looking critters in this game, and they just stole their face and put it on a cat body. Awful.

    I heard somewhere, a long time back, that they planned on making the druid forms of the same quality as epic flight forms, both of which are, in all honesty, really nice. I just don’t understand why it’s taking them so long… They did all these new graphics for WotLK, did new graphics for new beasties and new dungeons and new everything, and the epic flyer was a completely new model… And yet. /sigh

  4. Beruthiel says:

    Dear Lissana,

    I would like very much to be a PINK tree, so that everyone would stop looking under my branches to find out if I am a girl. Oh…and my oh-so-husky voice as a bear would love to…uh…turn a little eunich while you are at it!

    If you happen to get a call from the developers, PLEASE let them know.




  5. Morphy says:

    I think they should simply scrap the whole bear form and make us into giant Rhinoceroses (rhinoceri?) with customizable belly images that jiggle when we dance. Booya!

  6. scaresome says:

    I was flying behind this dragon in the S Basin and this dragon had very cool magic trails from the tips of its wings.

    I think Druids should get some kind of nature trails (whatever they are) in their wake, be it bear, cat, running or flying.

  7. Wooglie says:

    I’d like trees to hold their weapons/off-hands like moonkins do. Surely it can’t be that hard to implement?

  8. Rahl says:

    Look at what a good job Blizz did with travel form.
    Have faith that they will look good!

    As to if we will ever get them… that’s another question all together.

  9. Waterloo says:

    I have a theory it’s related to the next expansion.

    Most people will agree that The Emerald Dream is at 1:3 chance of being the next expansion. Maybe higher than that. And an Archdruid Hero class idea has been bandied about (especially since many agree that the next Hero class will be a healer of some sort). But many people have rightfully questioned whether there is room for such a class, and if so, what does that mean for “Vanilla Druids”.

    Lately, Ghostcrawler has hinted not to expect a Hero class every expansion. So here’s my theory: the next expansion will be The Emerald Dream and the Druid class will get an overhaul/upgrade to Hero status. Players will be able to start a new Druid at level 65. So I think they’re stalling on the graphical forms upgrade because they have much bigger plans for us.

  10. Lavata says:

    I would like a worgen form. But I use to play White Wolf Werewolf and going war form was the best. Then we could use armor in a humanoid form for both tanking and dps.

    Oh well, I would just like a spell for each form that we can cast on a mob and assume that form for that role.

    So the eq of Tenacity pets would be viable targets for tanking form. The ferocity and cunning pets would be available for Cat DPS form. The moonkin and trees can pick the form model of either to pick. It would then make it a little difficult to differentiate between horde and alliance druids but so what we are druids first.

  11. Viscount says:

    @ Beruthiel
    Of course they have to check your branches, they have to see if there are nuts.

    I am betting we wont find out anything significant until blizcon. Thats when they will most likely talk about the next expansion and if we don’t, it means blizard really isn’t working on it yet, they just “plan” to and thats why no substance.

  12. Waterloo says:

    That’s a good alternate explanation… the next expansion could include a more global graphics engine overhaul, which could enable some really cool things. Feather & fur textures, anyone?

  13. Viscount says:

    Honestly what I would love to see more then anything, is some gear that has some actual depth and movement to it instead of just an armor that is literally a skin that moves with your frame. Imagine it, chains that jingle in responce to the way you move and not due to a preset animation. Actually depth to the armor so a stud looks like a stud and not a round dot.
    I think blizzard should do a complete overhaul and ramp up the system requirements significantly from the minimum now. Its been 4 years. Alot of people have got a new computer and while may not be near top scale, are no where near bottom.

  14. Juniper says:

    You’re talking about the introduction of a heavy Bump-Mapping feature into wow. I know a few of my guild play wow on PC’s I’d consider using for a foot stool. To suddenly impliment a 30%? more power requirement for a game 12 million people play, is a very bad move.

    I for one would welcome it 😀 But thats just me (and you)


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