Legendary Part 2: How much can druids heal for in 15 seconds?

So, I finished all my school work for the semester and had a little downtime today. In Legendary part 1, I said that part 2 was going to be about how much a druid could heal for in 15 seconds. Just in time for me to write part 2 of my legendary weapon analysis for druids, the “blues” decided to post about it again & give us more info. WoWinsider summarized that information here.

Mostly, I don’t care who anyone gives it to. As I said earlier,  I just want druids (and other classes) to realize that it CAN be useful for druids. Everything I write in this thread assumes that you read the WoWinsider post… so go read it.

The “max” healing of the shield is 20,000… so you can basically do a max of 130k healing and then whatever you do after that doesn’t count towards the shield.

How close can a druid get to 130,000 healing in 15 seconds? Depends on a lot of factors that I don’t really have the math skills to get into…

Lets take my mostly Naxx 25-man geared druid, and some numbers I saved from a recent run. Anyone actually holding the legendary in their hand will have to heal higher than this, since they will actually have Ulduar gear on, so I’m just going to take the max values everything healed for over the nigh, except for wild growth ticks, where I’ll take the average, since the value changes with each tick…

I like taking my actual numbers instead of starting with purely math & theorycrafting numbers. I think it makes the process easier for people to understand (when I start with numbers I personally got, rather than equations that I’m not as good at using. As a psychology researcher, I like taking samples & then analyzing the sample data.

The Math

So, here’s the numbers I recorded from one of my last raids:
Nourish: Max hit = 5850; max crit = 8588
Regrowth: Max hit = 6527; max crit = 8478
Regrowth HOT tick: 1498
Lifebloom tick (x3 applications):1243
Lifebloom tick (x2 application): 828
Lifebloom tick (x1 application): 414
Lifebloom Bloom: 9602
Wild growth (average HOT tick): 341
Rejuv: 2248
Swiftmend: 7866

Okay,so what are some possible things you could do in 15 seconds? Lets assume (for the sake of demonstration) that you totally max out your haste, such that your HOTs and nourish all hit the 1 second GCD. My previous thread on haste shows that this is possible to do. So, the only thing that would have > 1 second cast is regrowth (but that CAN be used with NS)

Tank healing demonstration only (all healing on 1 target):

Assumptions: regrowth, & rejuv HOTs already on tank, so those casts just refresh the existing HOT, for a full HOT effect for the 15 seconds. Re-starting full lifebloom stack from scratch. Also assuming that nourish heals the same amount every time, which wouldn’t likely be the case, but the math is too yucky to work out in time for a quick post tonight.

What spells you could cast in those 15 seconds with a 1 second GCD:
Applying 3 lifebloom (LB), Regrowth+Nature’s Swiftness (RG+NS), Rejuv (RJ), 1 Lifebloom Blooms (Bloom), 1 swiftmend (SM), 8 nourish casts (where half would crit and half won’t)

Breakdown by spell

  • Lifebloom #’s (not glyphed): 414 (lb x1) + 828 (lb x2) + [1243×9](lb full 9 ticks) + 9602  (bloom) = 22,085
  • Regrowth: 8478 (RG+Ns crit) + [1498×5] (5 RG ticks) = 15,986
  • Rejuv: [2248×5] (5 RJ ticks) = 11,240
  • Swiftmend (with glyph): 7,866
  • Nourish (+glyph): [5850×4] (non-crit) + [8588×4] (crit)= 57,752

Add it all up:
22085 (LB)+ 15986 (RG+NS)+ 11240 (RJ) + 7866 (SM) + 57752 (nourish) = 114,929

Using one possible methods, that’s only about 15,000 short of the “cap”.

What if you had 2 LB’s on your target already and could swap 2 LB casts out for 2 more nourishes?
114929 -1243 + (5850+8588) = 128,124

Conclusions (or TLDR)

The 128,124 number easily puts you within a margin of error of hitting the cap 130,000 cap to get the full 20,000 shield on a tank. Note that I didn’t include a single wild growth cast in this calculation, as the healer community (non druid) has been de-valuing our ability to do that (and the math for it is a LOT messier). It’s likely, however, that spreading out healing over a bunch of people would reach the 130,000 cap, too. If the argument is about us not being able to pull through for tank healing, my response is: YES WE CAN.

In full Ulduar gear, a druid should easily be able to tank-heal their way to the 130,000 cap, as their numbers in a lot of places would be higher than what I have here, thus places which may look inflated would balance out. Can I pull this off right now? Not without a lot of luck, but it is certainly possible (and probably easy) for a druid to hit that number by the point where they would have the legendary weapon finished and equipped.

My guess is that any other healing class should be able to pull that off, too. It’s really not that hard to do under ideal circumstances…

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11 comments on “Legendary Part 2: How much can druids heal for in 15 seconds?
  1. Aelinna says:

    Presumably your tank will take some damage during those 15secs? I wouldn’t bank on anyone capping the shield.

    HoTs should already be up on an active tank, RG+RJ at least and probably a LB. I believe WG should be cast since a) it’s amazing, b) it will buff the Nourish.

    Finally this only matters for tank healing. RJ+WG’s sick, sick HPS is usually controlled by its equally enormous overheal; once the buff procs, which it will very quickly with so much spread healing, all those ticks begin to build shields.

    I worked out a 15k HPS for RJ+WG, that’s 225k/15s. The proc will contribute 2250 HPS for that time.

    Totally called this one btw ;D
    I’m a little surprised they let it stack to 20k though, I expected 10k.

  2. Brent says:

    The only issue with all of this is one thing:

    No tank will be taking 130,000 in 15 secs except in the most perfect of perfect situations.

    As that is the case, a fair portion of the ticking time for the HoTs will result in the tank being at full health, and therefore the HoTs will not Tick. Because the HoTs aren’t ticking, they will not add to the shield.

    The only place where I see this analysis as viable is where things like the Understudies are being healed, and there’s sufficient health deficit to take full advantage.

    In the hands of a Pally or Shaman, every heal will cause the proc to extend the bubble. And as GC says “Hots that tick on a target will still contribute to the bubble.” However if you put Rejuv on a target at a 100HP deficit, the first tick will heal the tank to full. Subsequent healing does not occur unless the tank has taken damage.

    Caveat: This is all taken on the basis that if a heal doesn’t tick i.e. the combat log doesn’t show any healing/overhealing, that it doesn’t extend the bubble. I beleive they fixed Revitalize to get around this issue but I’m not sure, so if the same logic allows un-healing ticks to extend the bubble, then everything is fine.

  3. Lissanna says:

    I’m just saying that we CAN do it, not that we necessarily should do it that way. I just didn’t want to work out the math on using group heals for that period of time, because of the way that the druid group healing mechanics work.

    Any ticks that don’t heal still count towards the bubble.

  4. wintersdark says:

    An oft overlooked factor here is the speed of procing. At 10% per heal/tick, a Druid will proc the blessing more than any other class, simply by nature of having so many HOT ticks. Noticably more than a class just healing once per GCD.

    Not saying it should go to a druid because of this, but to help refute the ‘bad for Druids’ sillyness

  5. Animagis says:


    Liss is right. Complete overheal does count toward the shield, it’s only the tick or heal that PROCS Blesssing of Ancient Kings that has to actually do effective healing.


    While that argument may hold weight on its own, in the presence of a 45 second internal cooldown which averages such things out, it’s not much.

  6. wintersdark says:

    Also, and this may just be me being a terrible healer (90% of the time I’m feral), I find even when MT healing I tend to toss around a lot of wild growths (another hot on the tank, and help out healing melee) and rejuv’s around the raid when the tank doesn’t need a GCD. If this is normal, that’s a LOT more HOT ticks to help prod the blessing.

  7. Beruthiel says:

    Great post Lissana! I know that a lot of druids in the blogosphere have been awarded their guild’s first mace, and it’s nice to see some solid numbers on how they can be just as competitive with all of the other healing classes =)

  8. Lissanna says:

    You should still throw around wild growths. I thought about working out the numbers with dropping 2 of the nourishes in favor of 2 wild growths – however I got close enough to the number cap on the healing shield that I gave up and decided to get the post up to refute some of the people on the regular WoW forums who were saying that the mace was bad for druids last night. Working out the math on how much a wild growth does is a pain in the neck because the HOT amount changes every tick. Also, the people on the WoW forums were assuming that raid HOT healing was the only way druids could heal, and thus I had to show that we could do direct healing just as well as other classes.

    I would assume that any good druid is still throwing out Wild Growths and doing their part to raid heal. I just wanted to pick something simple & easy for people to understand, showing how druids can fill the role that people think the shield is for.

    In the end, spreading out heals on multiple people is probably actually a better use of the proc in most situations. I just wanted to be able to say “druids can do what you can do, stop saying we can’t.”


  9. Erdluf says:

    As a silly value for raid healing (I’ll ignore WG, which would boost this) you can have maintain (zero latency) Rejuv on 18 raid members. They will each get 5 ticks during the 15s. 15 of them will also get 4t8 bonus ticks (worth a total of about 11.5 normal ticks).

    5*18 + 11.5 is 101.5 of your Rejuv ticks (228k healing) applied to shields.

  10. Viscount says:

    From what I understand Wild growth or multiple targets will not come into play. The sheild is per target. If you use Wild growth, you do not have that contributing from 5 (or6) targets for your 20k total, but instead you have 5 (or6) sheilds that have their own individual 20k total.
    From what I understand of the post. The 20k is not given so one healer can hit it (especially since the target is likely to continue taking damage which would subtract from that 20k so you dont have to worry about the cealing) it is more on the situation where you have two or more hammers in the raid and you have multiple procs. The post states that another healer with the buff will contribute to the same 20k sheild cap.

  11. Phase says:

    Uhm, I don’t understand why you even consider WG a good spell to build up HPS to hit the cap? Since WG will be applied to six players(glyphed), it will place six shields on those players. Since it ticks for very little, if you place it on a tank you will get 2k at most. Are you suggesting that the total amount healed by WG on all players will contribute to 1 player? This sounds highly unlikely to me.

    I think the biggest strength this mace has to offer a druid is that it helps mitigate a lot of raid damage seeing as most druids roll a lot of HOTS on the raid, which will produce a LOT of shields, and help reduce incoming raid damage. As raid damage in Ulduar is plenty, this will probably help alleviate some pressure of the raid healers.


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