Leveling resto?

When I was a kid, my mom used to say that she had to walk uphill both ways to get to and from her elementary school. Since we lived in a really flat area (and she grew up somewhere on the other side of the state), I really didn’t understand what she meant until I was older and actually looked at the “hill” she walked up and down. It was more like 2 hills (where her home was on one of the hills, and her school was on the other). To get to school, she walked down one of the hills & came back up the other (and it’s pretty steep).


What does this have to do with leveling resto? Mostly, because I feel that leveling full resto is like walking to level 80 uphill both ways… when it would be easier if you could just get in a car and drive there (but my mom couldn’t drive back then, since she was just a kid & walking alone was still safe). Similarly, when I was a young WoW player, I had to level resto, because druids didn’t have access to faster leveling specs back then. I also never killed anything solo (as in I pretty much healed my way to 80 – I had RL friends, and random strangers I made friends with just so I wouldn’t have to level alone).

Now that feral and balance are BOTH good for leveling at a fairly efficient speed, I personally recommend that you pick the fast & easier way to level. You can pick from either feral (sports car – fast & flashy) or balance (sedan – not quite as flashy, but still gets the job done in a reasonable amount of time). Doesn’t matter which kind of car you want to drive; if you really like casting, then go balance.

The original point of starting this post was to plug another blog. I ran across a post on The Druid Team blog about leveling as restoration, where someone actually did level resto more recently. That post concludes that it’s slow & you should do it with friends if you do decide to do it.

However, if you think about my walking (resto) vs. driving (feral or balance) up the (leveling) hill analogy… I personally recommend that you don’t do it the hard way.

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13 comments on “Leveling resto?
  1. Kevin says:

    When I leveled up my druid, I chose to go feral until about level 77 or 78. At that point, I started collecting spellpower items from quests and eventually respeced to a “restokin”. I think its worth spending some amount of leveling time as a caster to get use to the spells and stats you’ll want on your gear. Plus with the split spec (or dual specs if you have the cash) I could level at an ok pace and still heal instances. It worked out pretty well IMO.

  2. Dwarffinator says:

    Lissanna, love the blog. It almost makes me want to level my squishy druid. Don’t feel like walking up hills though…maybe I’ll try driving one day. 😛

  3. Magresda says:

    I’m currently rerolling a druid (first druid but not first healer) and I spent a good long time thinking about this.

    I didn’t like the idea of leveling as resto, since I was in this pretty much alone. At the same time, leveling as feral would leave me with a lack of healing gear at level 80, and i did not like the thought of running dungeons as feral just to get resto gear.

    Since I “cheated” to level 60 (Refer-a-Friend boosting) I wasn’t worried about spec until then. I told myself that I was gonna be feral until 70, gather casting gear at 68+ and then respec balance. Worked fine, but turns out I actually HATE balance. I quickly respecced back to feral and laid down the cash for dual spec.

    I’m “prioritizing” healing gear in quest rewards, but since I’m running quite a lot of instances I get most of my healing gear from there, leaving quest rewards for my feral leveling spec. I’m level 74 now and I suspect that by the time I hit 80, I’ll be more than ready for heroics.

    So anyone thinking about leveling a resto druid – spend the 1k gold you save with flight form on dual specs. It’s worth the price of admission, and will make the 70-80 run so much easier.

  4. Animorphs says:

    I read your blog religiously Lisanna, and this topic definitely caught my attention.

    I too would not recommend attempting it at lower levels, as it would take forever.

    However, when WOTLK first came out I was the main healer for my guild and quite well geared. I ended up levelling from 70-80 as resto, and did it very fast. I found that while I was questing, I would just slap HOTs on myself and grab 4-6 mobs and Hurricane them down with ease. Most of the group quests were also quite easy, and I think I died maybe 1 time (outside of instances) between 70-80.

    So it’s definitely viable at the higher levels, but takes quite a bit of gear (which of course newer druids probably won’t have). Just wanted to share, keep up the excellent work!

  5. Anelf says:

    As the Druid levelling motto goes:

    Feral because its fast,
    Balance because its fun,
    Resto because they ask you to heal anyway.

  6. scaresome says:

    I love reading the blog, I do every day.

    I was feral until 45, then boomkin. Then back to feral from 55 to 70. Now I’m boomkin/resto dual spec at 74.

    And … I’m missing that feral experience. I’m not worrying about gear too much until end game but figure the casting stuff I have is good for boom and resto.

    Still, the next patch will offer an equipment manager and money is soooo easy to come by that I might switch to a feral/resto build because … it’s fun!!

  7. Miura says:

    Was fun picking those flowers with ya, thx for having me along. 🙂

  8. aramis says:

    I went Feral until level 70 and WotLK came out. Then I did what I had always wanted to do and respecc’d to resto. And the difference was night and day. Playing the game was soooooooooooooooooooooooooo slow. I played by myself too, which wasn’t ideal for equests like the iron giants in Howling Fjord. But I did whizz past some elites being able to vine and blast and keeping HOTs on myself. But either way, it was as you said, slow. I didn’t mind it because it really gave me an opportunity to take my time getting to 80 to really enjoy the new expansion for all the awesomeness it has to offer.

    just my $0.02. 😀

  9. Miura says:

    Ooops, I meant *planting* those flowers, doh.

  10. Lissanna says:

    Hey Miura! I had fun with planting flowers, too!

  11. Dwarffinator says:

    lol guys why didn’t you ask me to plant flowers too? Miura knows horticulture is my forte. 😀

  12. Lissanna says:

    @Dwarf- You weren’t around when we were casting bunny costumes on eachother in Un’Goro crater & we decided to go plant flowers after?

  13. Dwarffinator says:

    ah, no worries. I finished all that Un’Goro business days ago anyway 🙂


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