Mailbag: Leveling decisions & hated by goblins?

Okay, so someone posted this as a comment on the site. There’s enough things going on that I figured I should take a little time to go through these issues, and maybe it will help someone else along the way.


1-should i go resto or balance for lvling?
2-are druids so godlike in healing that even though they r balance, they can till heal in SM when they r lvl 30????
3- i am having a tough time finding a place to quest and my favorite places are somewhat out of option due to my next question, can u help me with a good place?
4-do u know anyone who can help me with a goblin problem? im hostile with all goblins in Booty Bay, Ratchet. Steemwheedle Catel, and Gadgetzan, i got caught up in a raid because i buffed some guy and he saved me from goblins and invited me in, then my rep started going down. i left the raid but it kept going down. i really need your help to make me neutral with them again, i really love booty bay and i want to be able to go there without getting goblin raped!!!!


1. The balance versus resto question is easy. You should level balance. See my last post for why.

2. I healed as full feral specs with 0 points in resto at that level. Healing as balance should be easier. However, you should pick up the Glyph of Healing Touch at those levels.

3. The official WOW website has a list of region levels. Your bigger problem seems to be tied to the next point:

4. You are hated by the Steemwheadle cartel? That’s not really good, since it prevents you from being able to do a lot of things your level. One option could be just starting your character over & leveling back up to 31 again (my boyfriend says that’s a bad idea, but I hate grinding reputations enough that I’d probably end up taking that option, lol). It may actually be easier/faster to re-level to 31 than what you’ll have to do to become neutral with them again… Or, you can just try your best to avoid those areas until higher level. There are several faction guides you can look for leveling up the faction. The only ones I easily found were on WoWwiki:

Anyone else have suggestions for how a level 31 character can get their reputation back up?

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