Moonkin patch note: More spell power from spirit


Looks like moonkin should be getting 30% of their spirit value as spellpower, according to the MMO-champion patch note update for 3.1.2.

I saw that GC was thinking about putting it in, but looks like they managed to get it into a recent version of the patch. It really only buffs PvE moonkin, since PvP moonkin don’t have spirit, anyway. However, it makes the T8 gear for moonkin suck less than it does now (note how it’s still not good, it’s just not as bad, lol). We’re stuck with the current T8 gear, it’s not going to change. Lets just hope T9 gets better.

Also, it appears that Furor isn’t designed to really be useful in PvP. Ghostcrawler further explained Furor & moonkin here.

Furor appears to be working as intended.

It’s always been a problem with shifting & effects that only influence your stats in one form. Who remembers when shifting in and out of bear used to cause you to LOSE health to the point where you could shift-suicide? Basically, they made the intellect effect from Furor work the only way they can get that stuff to work: By just increasing your maximum mana without increasing (or decreasing) your current mana.

The way that Furor works, it’s probably not worth picking up for arena PvP moonkin. Some of the innervate buff is to help fix the problems that moonkin are having with mana in PvP. The entire balance tree probably needs a revamp (as in ‘wait an expansion’) before it will really be a viable PvP tree.

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2 comments on “Moonkin patch note: More spell power from spirit
  1. Macbook says:

    The buff to spirit is minimal at best, and doesn’t fix T8, as you mentioned.

    Still, I can live with it 🙂

    I hadn’t thought about dropping Furor in my PvP spec, hadn’t really paid attention to what it did to me swapping forms in Arena, but then again, I run with a healer so hardly ever shift forms while PvPing either.


  2. Chibb says:

    As a resto druid this seems really funny to me. All this really does it make it easier to make my 2nd spec Boomkin with my resto gear! With resto gear I have no/little mana problems and I also will get 30% spirit as SP! Resto PvP gear may end up being better for Moonkin PvP ironically…


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