NEW DRUID SKINS – Hell, it’s about time!!!

This is NOT a joke. This is up on the Official Under Development page. Here are the Tauren bear form models. The page says they are releasing them in four installments, which means that there should soon be models posted for the NE bear form, NE cat form, and Tauren cat form “soon”.


There is no word on tree or moonkin form. It is likely that they wanted to fix the bear and cat forms first (Which sucked the most). We’re likely to see at least the bear form models go into the content patch as early as 3.2 (or in a patch later than that – I don’t want to get your hopes up too soon!). They say they should come out as an armory-type thing you can change at-will. Lets just cross our fingers and hope that everything goes according to their plans…

Here we have color customization & extra details. .  At the very least, we won’t look like level 10 hunter pets anymore… and you’ll be able to tell apart your bear & cat forms from the other bear and cat forms running around.  There’s no real armor on them, but there are some extra details (arm bands, horn wraps, et cetra) that look pretty good. I’m pretty sure that being linked to our skin/fur colors is a limitation that they couldn’t find a work-around for in a reasonable amount of time. It’s likely something that will get un-linked a few more years from now…

At this point, I think we’ll take just about anything over what we’ve been stuck with for years. WOOT Thank you Blizzard’s art team for finally caring about us druids!

Here’s more info from the druid forums:

Also, in the screenshots the bears are roaring, but when just sitting normally, their mouths will close in a toothy grin so to speak.

Here’s more (confirmation that tree and moonkin aren’t coming soon):

Tree and Moonkin forms are still something we’d like to do, but it’s something for a bit further in the future. We are aware these are things that people would like to see additional customization for.

We also would like to allow gear to affect the visual look of the forms, but this too is something that is going to need additional work in order to get it to work properly and look good.

You’ll see the further distinctions between the forms (bear and cat for tauren and night elf) as we go along in the previews.

For people who are concerned that they just paint-shop color changed:

The models have been updated and the poly count is also increased on them. So this isn’t just a simple re-skin.

There is also a reply on the tanking forums post from GC. 🙂

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14 comments on “NEW DRUID SKINS – Hell, it’s about time!!!
  1. Dave says:

    YAY! About time indeed. They look great too!

  2. Alryn says:

    According to a blue post on the druid forums, the mouths DO close… The screenshots were taken while roaring.

  3. Lissanna says:

    @Alryn: I found the blue posts & quoted it.

  4. Alryn says:

    Oops, you updated as I was typing I guess… LOL

  5. Lissanna says:

    I got a little excited & posted before checking the druid forums…

  6. doomkin_at_heart says:

    While Im disappointed Trees and Doomkins aren’t getting an update (yet), the new bears DO look very nice.

    You can see not only is the poly count higher, but the texture resolution is higher too.

    Colours are tied to your choice of hair colour (elves) or skin/fur colour (tauren), which can be changed at the barber shops.

  7. Verdus says:


    Even though I’m not a feral myself, I’m glad to hear about these long-overdue changes. In particular, I’m glad that the models are being upgraded with higher polygon counts instead of just a simple re-skin. I never really had a problem with how bear form looked, it was just so blocky. I’m cautiously optimistic to see the improved tauren cat form.

  8. Pathis says:

    The model they are using is much more detailed than the old one and really does look great. It would have been nice if the actual model changed from person to person rather rather than just the color pallet, but there is still enough variety to keep me happy. I am very eager to see what they have done with the Night Elf cat form. It was always one of the most interesting in my opinion.

    Too bad about Tree of Life and Moonkin…

  9. Dwarffinator says:

    Whoa those new skins look beary good!! Ok that was bad… XD

  10. Deliantha says:

    Ugh… luckily feral isn’t my main spec… Though if they will do something so ugly to oomkins and trees… delete button.

  11. Boize says:

    “their mouths will close in a toothy grin so to speak. ”
    Hopefully this will be the same for the Tauren perma-yawn cat form.

    The white one looks sweet as imo.

  12. Viscount says:

    Maybe its just me, but I am tired of blizzard promising us something, delaying it, then finally giving us half-assed finishers. Perfect example is the hunter ammo changes (which I bet is not fixed ANYTIME soon).
    And this is another example. Yes the forms were ugly. But it was more then just needing a new texture. It was that it had poor animation for acctions and was very limited. Also the problem was there was no distinction between a level 30 druid and a level 80. I dont know why they put any effort on any druid tier set, you never see them anyways.
    They promise they will give us more but I seriously doubt it. To me it seems like it is one designer/excutive saying to the community, “Hey, we are going to do this… be happy!” Then another designer/excutive saying “uh that will take alot of work/resources” “Hmmm, what can we get for 10% of that time/budget”
    Honestly I would be content if they added a passive effect bonus with each tier piece that created a visual effect. And if they can make crap items like Path of cenarius/Illiden that have fire trails, you know they could do this in 20 minutes.

  13. Gargen says:

    I think they should add some kind of buff you can use like, ‘durid disception’ that would allow you to be in your form but appear as a huminoid. It would be especialy helpful while fishing in wintergrasp or any PvP area so you don’t alert the Horde of your spec.

    ~Gargen of Vek’nilash


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