Night Elf Bear Form pics from Europe

Here is the Night Elf bear form that got put up on WoW’s European page today.

It’s a little bit sleeker than the taruen forms, and I’m not quite sure I like the NE coloring quite as much as the tauren ones. Also, the yellow glowing eyes aren’t quite as good as the more detailed Tauren ones. It’s got the same neck/arm accessories, but a little less face paint and shoulder symbol coloring options. However, they are good in their own way, and the differences in these details are really what makes the forms uniquely different for each race. I’m also pretty sure I’ll have to lose my turquoise NE hair in favor of something that has one of the better graphics, since I’m not sure I can handle the purple/blue-ish model from the bottom-left.

Ah, I’ll take whatever they give me, and I’ll be happy, because it’s new and different, and I’ll change colors all the time even if I’m just using it as between-pull entertainment on raid nights… I like them because they’re new. I also like them because they are way better than the old NE druid forms (the bottom middle picture). Now, we just have to wait for the cat ones. I think seeing them in action will likely cause me to go into fits of squealing giggles – I bet these are awesome in action, and that screenshots just don’t capture their awesomeness. This is also likely a growling pose, and that their mouths should close.


Update: the US page got updated with the new forms now. 🙂 Let the “but their mouths are open” posts continue! I think they should start previewing the mouth-closed graphics so that people will complain less. At least you can tell by looking at these models that they are definitely different models and NOT re-skins. You can tell from how the back is arched & their ears are smaller at the very least, even if you can’t count their toes… The US page has the higher resolution pictures that look better.

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6 comments on “Night Elf Bear Form pics from Europe
  1. doomkin_at_heart says:

    I do think I like the Tauren ones better.

    I think it’s the eyes. When you see the life that the eyes give to the Tauren models, it makes the blank-stare glowy eyes of the Night Elf bears look not as good.

    Lore-wise and consistency-wise I guess the Night Elf guys have to be eyeless…?

    It’ll be curious to see the cat changes, particularly the Tauren cats (arguably the worst of the druid forms)

  2. Keeva says:


    On a related note, I really can’t understand how people think that is just the same model re-skinned. It’s the same CONCEPT, yes (which is why I’m nervous about cat form), but it’s not the model.

  3. Ashendar says:

    I’m a little dissapointed with the Night Elf forms, they are less distinctive than the Tauren versions – I really like the bright face paint of the Tauren verions and the variance in the base colors.

    For my Nelf i’m leaning towards the white or black variants, though the white version looks like it needs a bath.

    Nonetheless, they are a nice improvement over the base model and i can’t wait for their arrival.

  4. doomkin_at_heart says:


    You’re absolutely right. Not only are they distinctly new models with higher polycounts, another critical increase is in texture resolution. That in and of itself would make the forms look better, but texture resolution coupled with the increase in polygons and –I hope– new/refined animations, and we may yet all be pleasantly surprised.

  5. Maor(Kazril) says:

    The eyes fit with the way that NE eyes look in game. Their glow makes it so that you don’t really see the pupils. So I like that they did that.


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