OT: Shake your bunny maker

Bummed because you never found that Orc female, or one of the other rare races?

You can actually still complete that achievement, so long as you have the item that puts bunny ears on them.

Confirmed from the Customer Service Forum today. Even if the holiday is over on your server, you can still finish that achievement (for now).

I guess I should let the angry people over at WoWinsider know… or, it can just be our little secret.


I managed to complete the Noble Garden meta achievement a couple days before it ended. So, I don’t have anything else to worry about… except that pesky PvP achievement for Children’s week. I might just never finish all these things…

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3 comments on “OT: Shake your bunny maker
  1. Keeva says:

    I spent a good lot of time standing on the Dalaran bank steps clicking off the buff so more people could ear me.

    At one stage I was standing with an orc, a troll, and a dwarf.. a one-stop shop for the rarer races 🙂

  2. Plusle says:

    That was good of you Keeva, some kind hearted sole was doing the same thing on my server so I got the achievment pretty quickly. I think the tauren was the only one I struggled to find, but even that wasn’t too hard.

    Still its nice to know that people can still get the achievement despite the holiday finishing. I guess the folks at blizzard do care after all 😛

  3. Beruthiel says:

    I kinda thought that the “shake your bunny maker” was amusing 🙁 I guess not everyone can have the same sense of humor though…


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