Patch 3.1.2 – A few druid changes

The only big change for druids is the innervate change. It now restores a flat amount of mana, which scales as you level – but doesn’t scale with gear at level 80. So, this de-values spirit for caster druids (both resto & moonkin). I discussed the changes to innervate earlier. However, this is a great change for PvP druids who have less spirit on their gear. For PvE resto druids, spirit is still going to be an okay stat, just not as valuable as it used to be. This now means that you can also innervate shaman, or any other non-spirit based mana user. However, this isn’t an excuse for other casters to be wasteful and try to steal our innervates from us all the time.

This also means that the glyph for innervate changed, and it will restore a flat amount of mana in addition, which won’t scale with spirit. I’m personally not going to use the new innervate glyph, as I’m not having enough mana problems for the small amount returned from the glyph to make any significant difference in my ability to heal Ulduar 25-man.

A change for moonkin: The only other change is that now moonkin gain spellpower from spirit at a rate of 30%, instead of 15% (from improved moonkin form). This helps compensate for the change to innervate, so that spirit wouldn’t become completely worthless to moonkin. While this makes spirit slightly more useful for moonkin, PLEASE don’t go over-valuing that stat for moonkin. I discussed this change here when it was first announced. Gear without spirit is still going to be better than gear with spirit for moonkin, based on Graylo’s posting over in his blog. Since you can’t really avoid spirit on your gear most of the time, this will at least help make your gear better.

They also changed the moonkin set piece bonus: Nightsong Garb 4-Piece Set Bonus: Chance for Insect Swarm to trigger an instant Starfire changed to 15%.

There is also one hidden feral “bug fix”: Maim: Rank 2 of this ability is properly considered a stun and can be escaped by Blink. Since this is categorized as a bug fix, I don’t think we’ve talked about it that much, and it shouldn’t really effect anything, other than making mages slightly better at escaping from feral druids in PvP.

There was also a change to the PvP Arena weapons, such that the staves that were attractive for feral tanks had their agility values reduced: Furious Gladiator’s Staff and Furious Gladiator’s Greatstaff: The agility values on these two items were too high. They have been reduced by 50%.

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2 comments on “Patch 3.1.2 – A few druid changes
  1. scaresome says:

    Thank you, thank you.

    This is exactly what I needed to know!

    Yer the best!

  2. Siobhann says:

    I wish people would stop saying Innervate doesn’t scale at all. It still provides 20 seconds of O5SR regen along with the 15.7K mana. As your regen goes up, mana returned from Innervate will go up; it just isn’t the huge scaling we enjoyed in the past.


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