Pets Mart: Me and my mini-tree

So, after forcing my boyfriend to help me with the Argent Tournament dalies, I finally got my mini-tree pet. Yay!

My mini-tree and I had our own dance party outside the Tournament tent:


and then we got tired from having so much fun and took a nap:


Today, we are going into Ulduar armed with Party GRENADES and ready to have some fun! I named her Sleeping Willow (or just Willow for short), due to the amount of time she spends sleeping….

I also got enough pets today that I got my achievement for collecting 50 pets. I was trying to get it from finishing the OOX chicken quests, but I got stuck on one of them (maybe Tanaris?), so I gave up and just bought a couple low-priced horde ones off the Neutral AH in Booty Bay.

So, now no black cats are safe from me and my stinker:


If you are tauren and want your tree pet, I saw 2 or 3 up on the neutral AH for a couple thousand gold a pop (it’s not like they are common and easy to get at the moment). However, if you have your heart totally set on a tree pet, it may be possible to get them if you get a good deal on the neutral AH or if you have tons of gold to spend…

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6 comments on “Pets Mart: Me and my mini-tree
  1. Kae says:

    They go for 5k to 9k gold on my server, horde-side and x-faction AH. I got my tree by farming the dailies on my feral alliance character, however, and just had to sneak it across the goblins 🙂

    The tree pet is awesome, she brings much joy and amusement to my horde-side raids!

    Kaelynn says: “Dance, little tree, dance!”
    *Teldrassil Sproutling falls asleep*
    Guildie: “Pwnt.”

  2. Verdus says:

    Congratulations on your mini-me! I just recently got one on my tauren druid and I’ve been having a blast with it.

    Regarding the OOX quests, as strange as it may sound, make sure you haven’t done them already. As zone-drop quests from areas you likely leveled in, it’s easy to forget if you’ve done it already. Consider filing a GM ticket asking for confirmation as to whether you’ve completed those three quests. Make sure to include specific quest names. In my experience, GMs will usually give you this information. I’m glad I did this myself, or I’d have wasted a *lot* of time looking for the Tanaris beacon.

  3. Aelinna says:

    I love mine SO much <3

  4. Beruthiel says:

    Grats, Lissanna!

    I purchased mine for roughly 2k gold over on our alliance AH and then transferred it over, because it was too cute NOT to have. I also really want the gnome mechanopeep! But I’m going to wait a bit!

    I’m trying to gather all of the horde ones, but after raids, I’m just ready to go watch a spot of TV before bed and the thought of jousting makes me a sad panda =)

  5. Nox says:

    Grats on the mini-tree. I made my boyfriend do Tournament dailies until he had Horde pets to trade with Alliance on our server, so my tauren druid is rocking a totally free Mini Me.

    Not looking forward to getting 50 pets for my druid. WTB transfer of my paladin’s 65 pets. 🙁

  6. Raíne says:

    Grats on the little tree! He looks so adorable, I kind of want one myself…hehe. A funny fact about your pet Stinker the Skunk: I’m sure you remember the old Loony Tunes cartoons, with Pepe le Pew. If you have Stinker out near a black cat or black tabby he will automatically start chasing it with a heart on his head!


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