Please don’t re-nerf innervate.

There has been many tears spilled on the WoW forums regarding druids in Arena PvP. Some think they are too hard to kill. Others have decided that innervate is the root of all evil, and have started crusades against my beloved mana regen spell.

Most of what gets posted in “nerf innervate” threads is a LOT of missinformation, general bad forum flavor, and mostly just frustrate me to no end.

While resto druids may be powerful for PvP, it’s not innervate (alone) that makes them powerful. Nerfing the amount of mana returned by innervate would have these consequences:

  1. Make moonkin even worse for PvP
  2. Make hard-mode Ulduar content even harder (as all the druid specs that are able to use innervate on the casters would have less powerful tools)
  3. Generally make resto druids and moonkin have worse PvE raiding mana problems in instances past Ulduar – where our mana pools get bigger and innervate doesn’t get more powerful.
  4. Most importantly –  it would not have any effect on resto arena 2v2 representation that people are QQ’ing about

Something like reducing some of the armor buff from tree form, or changing/removing improved barkskin would have an effect on resto druid PvP, and would have little-to-no effect on the PvE druids, OR moonkin PvE.

We know that balance druids need survivability more than resto druids, so it would be easy to move some version of improved barkskin to the balance tree & remove it from the resto tree. This would force resto arena druids to have to use Line of Sight to help prevent dispells on innervate & other abilities, which should be possible in a lot of the arena settings.

Please don’t nerf PvE resto druids because of PvP. Please don’t nerf moonkin PvP because of resto PvP.

Oh, and have a happy Memorial day!

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2 comments on “Please don’t re-nerf innervate.
  1. Magresdas says:

    I generally play both aspects of the game (PvP and PvE) and forum posts like the one you linked just piss me off.
    People make a forum thread DEMANDING in an arrogant tone that a certain ability should be “fixed”, not showing any real thought and completely ignoring the fact that there are other aspects of the game that that “fix” would hit. They lose an arena match, determine that they lost because of this one skill, and immediately go QQ on the forums. The selfish and arrogant tone they post in just makes me want to vomit.

  2. tombombadil says:

    Yes Druids do need to get nerfed, at least in PvP imo… If Palas can´t use Lay on Hands, to get full HP, why would druids get innervate that gives em full mana? and such sucky cooldown… I have made arenas where we lower the druids mana to 10% 3 times with skill combat and they just fill it up again… It is indeed unfair.


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