Spotlight on: Murmur’s Moonkin plea

Murmurs posted on the Damage Dealing forum, asking for moonkin to show him their raiding DPS numbers.

Do your moonkin DPS numbers change in raids depending on the boss fight? Can they change on the same boss from week to week just based on lucky crits and procs (ie. Eclipse)?

You can post things over there like your WWS from raids or other numbers that you have gathered. He wants things like your talent specs, gear (ie. armory info), along with how your DPS is variable.

So, if you are unhappy with current moonkin raid DPS, or if you are happy with it and want to show off, all sorts of data is welcome. Keep in mind that guesses, estimates, and ranting are probably less helpful than actual numbers.

I’ll probably update here more as that thread develops.

UPDATE: Ghostcrawler posted in Murmur’s thread a couple times. You guys should go read those posts even if you don’t have DPS numbers to add.

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2 comments on “Spotlight on: Murmur’s Moonkin plea
  1. Takira says:

    I would be happy to provide some Ulduar WWS parses, but I don’t want to post them in a public forum. You don’t happen to have an email for Murmurs or anything like that, do you?

  2. Lissanna says:

    No, I don’t have Murmur’s contact info. You can, however, send private messages to members of

    I think he has an account on there.


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