Spotlight on: Upyursh’s resto “priority” flowchart

I just came across a flowchart with suggestions of what spells to cast under what conditions (ie. healing tank or raid? Is your target taking a lot or a little damage? etc). Click here for the link to Upyurish’s healing in Tier 8 priority chart.

Basics of raid healing, according to his chart: There are some interesting suggestions in there, with a note that lifebloom doesn’t even come onto the radar for raid healing at all. The raid healing side of the chart ends up with always using wild growth, and choosing between rejuvs, nourish, and regrowth (depending on conditions outlined in the chart).

Basics of tank healing, according to his chart: The tank healing side of the chart has all the HOTs except wild growth (ie. rejuv, lifebloom, regrowth), along with nourish, swiftmend and NS+HT – with suggestions on when you would cast them.

Of course, you can’t look at a chart every time you want to heal, but it’s a really interesting way to think about healing strategies. It’s also meant for once you have the Tier 8 4-piece bonus, where you would be doing a lot more rejuv healing. I like how it still reminds us to use our other heals periodically while raid healing, rather than just throwing around rejuvs & wild growths constantly. My bet is that most people heal slightly differently than what’s in the chart (I know my healing style is different, for sure!). However, it may be a fun exercise to chart out how you make these kinds of decisions differently. A lot of the time I feel like I’m just randomly hitting buttons, but I know that there is SOME method to my madness. I may try working out a chart in the next couple days to let you guys know how I make my decisions about what spells to use and when to use them…

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2 comments on “Spotlight on: Upyursh’s resto “priority” flowchart
  1. scaresome says:

    Looks like I still have a lot to learn!

  2. Upyursh says:

    hey buddy, did that chart ever happen? I’m interested to see how you view your own prioritisations and how different they are to my own 🙂



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