Tanking leveling section complete

I added another piece to my leveling guide on my blog today:

Leveling tank spec from 40 to 80, designed for people picking up their dualspec before level 80.

Both the healing dualspec leveling and tank dualspec leveling are not yet up on my WoW forum sticky. I thought I would put them here first, and then move them over to the WoW forums when I’m ready to do a lot more maintenance for the sticky over there (ie. adding extra pages to a forum blog is MUCH easier than making space in an existing forum thread for the pages). I’d like to welcome feedback for either the healing page or the tanking page. The last major part of the project will be revamping the cat form leveling build. It’s not too bad, but there are a couple changes I need to make to it.

Also, for an update on my achievement progress, I did manage to finish the children’s week achievement. Some really awesome guildies & a couple friends from out of guild, stayed up late after my raid last night with me to get it done. Taking a group into WSG is so much less painful than trying to do it alone. After all my frustration yesterday, I finally finished it. I still don’t feel good about the process that it took to finish the Children’s Week pvp achievement, but at least it’s done. Thanks guys for helping me!

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