Thorns nerfed – moonkin further crippled by a resto “fix”

So, after spending all last night and today working on my UI project, I seem to have missed a hotfix that went into the game recently:

The bonus damage from spell power on the Druid ability Thorns has been reduced by half.

This spell power change also effects paladins’ retribution aura. Well crud. I’d go into a long post about how moonkin PvP already sucks, but I JUST finished doing that. Somehow, no one really thought about how changing thorns was going to hurt the few moonkin who were actually desired for any sort of Arena team. That’s the only real reason why I’m being so dramatic-sounding with this post.

Just because restoration druids are powerful, that doesn’t mean moonkin need to be hurt AGAIN by changes designed to balance our resto counterparts. It’s not like moonkin were living long enough for that extra damage to make a huge difference, however for the moonkin who were surviving, the reflective damage was probably about the only damage moonkin are actually doing in PVP half the time. Moonkin don’t even have access to the dispel protection given to resto druids through improved barkskin.

If Blizzard wants to balance resto druids for PvP, then they need to give improved barkskin (in some version) to moonkin druids instead of resto druids. Or, put improved barkskin where brambles is, and move brambles further up the balance tree to put it out of reach of resto druids.

Simply nerfing the only real anti-melee ability anyone had doesn’t really seem like it’s going to fix anything.

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4 comments on “Thorns nerfed – moonkin further crippled by a resto “fix”
  1. Kae says:

    As a resto druid who regularly buffs her PvE tanks with thorns: awww dang :(

    I liked having happy, power-driven thorns.

  2. Ttam says:

    Gah, as a Disc Priest ( whose alt is a druid) It sounds as though we are next in the firing line with reflective shield, if not already nerfed ( haven’t read notes in a while) Stupid rogues >.<

  3. scaresome says:

    I’m with Kae on this.
    I read a long article (resto4life?) about how thorns generates more depending on the number of mobs. I tried to always put it on our tank when we went into big aoe situations.

  4. Macbook says:

    “however for the moonkin who were surviving, the reflective damage was probably about the only damage moonkin are actually doing in PVP half the time. ”

    So true. I´m the guy who runs Recount during Arena matches, and in certain fights, with Brambles specced, Thorns was doing 50% or more of my damage if I was being focused.

    Given that they also nerfed ret aura, I´m going to assume it was just a shift to reduce those types of skills, rather than directly focused at druids.


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