Updated leveling guide & Children’s week madness

Okay, so today I updated my leveling guide, and added a healing dualspec build for level 40 to 80  that you can find here.

I have other updates in the works for my leveling guide, but I’m distracted by trying to do the Children’s week achievements today…

Also, I wanted to rant about Children’s week, and how I’m finding the PvP part of it to not actually be possible for me to complete. See, one of them requires returning a flag in WSG. I have never once, in my 4 years of playing WoW, actually been able to return a flag due to:

  • Horde always killing me before the flag carrier dies,
  • the flag carrier not being killable by me because he’s surrounded by horde,
  • the alliance being too unorganized to actually kill a flag carrier, and
  • If the flag carrier does die, then someone else beats me to returning it,
  • (specific to the achievement) My stupid orphan makes stealth hiding impossible.

That’s just my problems with trying to get the one out of WSG. I’m not even going into the problems I’ve been having completing the other ones (including capping an AB flag without my orphan out). Why couldn’t they just design it to force us to like win one or participate in one? Why do we have to complete nearly impossible objectives with our orphan out in 4 BGs just to get the dang achievement? I hate this achievement with every ounce of my being, it almost made me cry, and I’m not going to be able to complete the meta achievement just because of being forced to try and do things I’m not actually capable of doing on my own in the PUGs on my battle group. I’m going to try and convince 9 other people to run WSG with me just so I can complete the achievement. If that doesn’t work out, I’m just not going to do it.

UPDATE: I got everything for the achievements done EXCEPT WSG. I tried bribing friends, guildies, ex-guildies, random people in BG PUGS, and I got nothing but frustration. It’s frustrated me enough that I’ve spent the last half hour crying just out of being so angry. Even if I do manage to get it done, I’m really not going to have any desire to ever go back into WSG ever again…

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7 comments on “Updated leveling guide & Children’s week madness
  1. Beefeater says:

    I feel your pain. I did get that achievement done pretty quickly, but not without headache. It’s so POORLY designed… I don’t even know where to begin. I think the worst part is how it pits team members against one another. I attempted to cap a flag in AB only to have someone yell at me for doing it:

    Them: “You hog!”
    Me: “What?”
    Them: “I was killing X and you came in and ‘got it.’ ”
    Me: “I didn’t ‘get’ anything.”
    Them: [Links achievement]
    Me: “I’m well aware of the achievement. If this were any other day you’d be happy that I capped the flag while you were killing/distracting the enemy.”

    …it went on for a few more lines, but you get the point. And I didn’t even get the achievement, someone else actually capped the damn flag. He/she was yelling at the wrong person.

    I feel bad for those who enjoy BGs, as I’m sure the influx of d-bags made them unbearable.

    The WSG flag cap wasn’t too bad, but I think I got a lucky. Just hung out in the flag room with a few other people and killing flag carriers. Orphan didn’t seem to give me away too badly. When I helped my wife get that achievement both teams did nothing but stay in their flag room. THE WHOLE TEAM, BOTH SIDES.

    It got to the point where I decided to go give the alliance their achievements by running into the room, grabbing the flag and standing there for an easy kill. The worst part: THEY WOULD KILL ME BEFORE I GOT TO THE FLAG. I was just /facepalming the whole time.

    Eventually one of their players started doing the same thing. Fortunately the hordies let him get the flag before killing him. Once she got the achievement we /afk’d. It was too painful to stay. 25 minutes and still no caps on either side.

    AV was easy, she and I just made a dash for one of the Dun Baldar bunkers (north one which can be capped without killing any archers) and capped it right off the bat. I think EotS took the longest, for her but we eventually got it. It definitely helps to have a person or two along to assist you.

  2. rainkat says:

    You don’t need a full 9 people. But grouping up does make it easier. We did it with about 4-5 people from our guild. One of which was a very good pvper. Poor guy stayed in a single wsg with us for over an hour and a half to make sure we each got a flag return. He was also nice enough to run ab and eots with us too. With more people, you can have greater control over who does what. A second group did it the other night. The had better luck in getting tower caps in AV. Having a pally in their party helped them a lot.

    But for people who hate to pvp, grouping up seems to be the best option for less frustration.

  3. Beruthiel says:

    I’m sorry to hear you are having so much trouble with it Liss =(

    Are you out in the field chasing the flags down, or are you assisting on flag room defense? The easiest way to get the flag back is to get a solid defense team in the flag room (3-4), and just never let the flag leave. Druids, Rogues and Warlocks can do amazing thing on defense in the flag room add in a hunter or a DK there…and it’s damn near impossilbe to get out. My old PvP team used to leave nothing but a warlock and a rogue in our flag room, and I swear nothing got out of it short of the opposing team rushing the flag room with all 10 people.

    It’s probably ridiculously hard right now due to everyone trying for the acheivement =( Of all four of the PvP achievements needed, this one was by far the most poorly planned. They should have made it be something like “assist with capturing the flag in WSG”, so that as long as you were within like 10 yards of a captured flag you got credit.

    I honestly don’t think that I would have had the ease with it that I did if I hadn’t done extensive PvP in vanilla WoW and have lots of experience in the three original battlegrounds from rep and rank grinds.

    My advice for when you go in tonight would be to stay on defense with some PvP savvy folks and focus on nabbing the flag back while you still have control of it in your flag room. Hopefully that will help! *crosses fingers*

  4. Lissanna says:

    Right, my problem is that I had to wait late enough that most people are done with it or don’t care in the BGs I tried this morning. I’m going to try and get a group together later this afternoon to just “turtle” in the flag room. I’m good at turtling in the flag room, but I can’t do it by myself. 🙁

    Having to return the flag also puts ranged/healers at a disadvantage because they’re supposed to stay at range & not clump in melee range, which is why I’ll need support to actually stand close enough to the flag carrier to return it.

    I just got frustrated trying to PUG in WSG, since I’d rather stab my eyes out with a fork than PUG in WSG….

  5. Lavata says:

    This is why I hate all of the Bloody stupid Holiday achievements. It is bad enough that the holidays make certain parts of the game unplayable due to player concentration in areas of the game.

    Most of the time the holiday areas also happen to overlap high traffic choke points. IF,SW and other city Bank AH area for Christmas.

    Instance server overload for Halloween and everyone trying to kill the horseman. Tracking down the elders in instances for the Chinese new years.

    It is time for more graphics settings so that we can tell the client not to render people in cities so we don’t have to deal with object load lag due to the umpteen idiots camping in front of places showing off the most recent bloody mount put in the game with a .5% drop rate that they farmed for 50 hours just to try and prove how “uber” they are.

    On a separate note about achievements, one “feat” or achievement missing is having both the Aldor and Scryer Tabard or Profession Recipes. My Mage has all 4 spell threads in BC from them which requires Exalted with both over the course of the game.

  6. Lavata says:

    Oh ya, forgot to add it would be nice if the BG achievements actually encouraged people to cooperate and win the BG. Not be the Sniping Asshats that the current set ups of achievements seem to do now each holiday.

  7. Lissanna says:

    Yes, but Lavata, you’re going to have to run in WSG with me whether you like it or not!


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