WoW blogging not gone, just changing

Sometimes, people get bored and move on from WoW. It is perfectly normal (and healthy!) to put RL priorities before a video game.

So, sometimes people take permanent breaks from their blog (ie. resto4life), some people take short breaks and then come back to it (ie. treebarkjacket‘s announcement today).

There are still, however, lots of blogs (like this one) that are new and still kicking. I try my best to post at least once a day, mostly because I enjoy writing about WoW and I can organize my thoughs on things here better than I can on the regular live forums.

Part Time Druid seems to be concerned that somehow WoW blogs are going to die out or no longer be useful. I just don’t see that as being the case. I just think that the community of bloggers (just like the in-game community) is going to change over time. Some people leave, and some people join in their place.

I think I have a more optimistic view because I’m new to this thing, and I still think it’s fun to spend between 30 minutes and 5 hours a day figuring what to post, writing the post, editing it, checking for other people’s posts on the topic to link to, checking for new Blue posts/game changes to analyze, et cetra.

At some point, I’ll probably get bored with putting so much work into my blog, but that’s not today. There are still plenty of really awesome Blogs (such as rolling HOTs) that provides tons of helpful information and still updates on a regular basis.

So, my response to all the angst in the blogging community is this: If you don’t have time to keep up with your blog, it’s fine. RL comes first. However, remember that there will always be bloggers who are blogging about WOW (even if our faces & voices change over time) until Blizzard decides to stop updating the game (and then we’ll probably be blogging for World of Diablocraft or something, lol).

We just have to get used to seeing old blogs shut their doors, and searching for new blogs that provide high quality information to players. My Druid blogroll (on the right) grows bigger all the time, with new blogs I come across that I think are worth reading. Some of them haven’t been updated recently, but it’s final exam time for a lot of students across the US; and things like new content (Ulduar) tend to suck people back into spending more time in the game. So, I figure they’ll come back to posting once thier schedules calm down.

Change happens. I still think there’s a great WoW blogging community, even if people leave to do other things from time to time.

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5 comments on “WoW blogging not gone, just changing
  1. PTD says:

    I suppose a lot of what I was talking about has to do with the cadre of blogs I once read regularly, which seems to thin out all the time. Because so many things are blocked for me while at work (where I do most of my blog reading over lunch) I don’t get to stay in the loop regarding new blogs. I started blogging BECAUSE of Phaelia, and now she’s moved on. Perhaps my post is just me trying to make peace with the possibility that I may one day shut down. Who knows.

    Oh, and I appreciate you thinking so much of me to refer to me as a “they,” but I’m only one person! 😉

  2. Lissanna says:

    I was trying to use a gender neutral pronoun & I was in a hurry.


    I re-edited that sentence a bit more appropriately.

  3. Keeva says:

    I think also that although most of us mostly blog for *us*, I also start feeling a little guilty if I haven’t posted for a little while.

    I suppose that is partly because I don’t want people to drift away from reading my blog – I don’t want them to lose interest. But it is also because I now feel slightly obliged to post regularly (and post quality information), or I’m letting people down. When people admire your blog and tell you they enjoy it and get a lot out of it, it does put a little pressure on and make you feel a bit anxious when you don’t have a chance to write anything substantial for a while.

    That’s why I feel like I’m cheating if I just repost info from MMO or similar, too frequently. Occasionally it is ok (and if it leads into a personal post, that’s alright, obviously), but if I’m just posting to re-post someone else’s news all the time, that’s not real content, and it makes me feel bad, like I’m cheating. Like hitting the spacebar periodically in AV to show that I’m not completely AFK……….

    Even though RL is more important, and I don’t see my blog as a “job”, I do still feel like I am letting people down if I am not consistent. None of us are obliged to blog, we do it because we enjoy it.. but there is still that element of guilt when you haven’t updated for a while.

    I think I mostly feel antsy about it because I intended my blog to be fairly educational, and I haven’t had any time lately to “teach” much… so I feel that my readers come expecting to learn something, and for a while I haven’t really posted anything helpful, more anecdotal entries. Mostly I just haven’t had time – now that I am back into the swing of full-time raiding I may need to commit to a substantial weekly update to make me feel as though I am being consistent and that my posts have some meat to them.

  4. Sylly says:

    Thanks for the kind mention here of Rolling Hots, Liss =) I’m in the same boat as you are, I think. My blog is also pretty new, and I still enjoy posting regularly. I’m not as good on the weekends, but try to post something on one of the days if I can. But for me it’s still fun and exciting. I enjoy writing and I love the game still, so my blog will be around for a good long stretch barring any unforeseen changes. I agree that it’s sad to see some of the “old guard” go, but I feel that we have a really strong and vibrant blogging community going right now. New, fresh faces step in every day to add perspective to the ongoing conversation.

  5. scaresome says:

    Very interesting.
    If I may posit, I think there may be a shift in the paradigm.
    Where once we prowled through the blogs to find how to do a quest or to read the mechanics of a class we are trying anew (and we still do, mind you); many much larger sites tend to cover these areas, like wowinsider, whether we agree with them or not (witness the huge mess of the “best pet for raiding” and the giant dismissal in the comments section).
    We look to blogs for specialization in our classes; I read this blog every day.
    Plus, I think, we are looking for new answers and approaches to the current culture that exists or is arising in the game. For me, it would probably be guild life and also how to join pugs. It might be sure ways to make gold (yep, I read the Greedy Goblin).
    Finally, I think we read blogs of those we have faith in that they are doing it right. BRK often got buried in the mechanics but surely reminded us to have fun and play fair and be good. His passions, failures and hopes were laid bare on his blog with humor and sincerity.
    That we have a passion for the game can go unsaid except by our lovely bloggers.

    Thank you all for your good work.


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