A look at Healer trinkets in Ulduar

This is a list of currently available trinkets that I could find for healing druids. This isn’t a “best in slot list”, but something organized in a way where you can choose what works the best for you. For the moonkin trinket list, please see Gray Matter’s moonkin “best in slot” loot list. I was going to include moonkin in this list, but decided that Graymatter’s layout made that list superior for moonkin deciding what trinkets to use. His list has a more comprehensive list of caster trinkets, since he includes all the ones that are good for moonkin & not for resto.

For resto gear in general, I’m using Averna’s list for non-set pieces at Nerf this Druid. However, Averna avoids including a list of trinkets, so I felt that I wanted to take a look at our options, to see what’s available. There’s also a hard-mode loot list, including only items from hard modes from 10 & 25-man Ulduar that is available on Hots Tree blog.

For resto druids, the trinket options aren’t that plentiful, or necessarily that great overall. We don’t really need the critical strike chance trinkets, since our HOTs can’t crit. So, I’m not including those here at all. There are also ones on this list that are less druid-friendly (such as int, mana/5, etc). So, you are going to have to decide what 2 trinkets you want to use, given what’s available to you.

25-man (heroic) Ulduar options:

  • Show of Faith – From Yogg-Saron Hard-Mode. 140 Spell power and a mana regen proc. If you can get this, you should!
  • Scale of Fates – From Thorim. 125 spell power and a large haste “On use” effect. I don’t really like the haste bonus that much, but the spell power is good. It’s also most likely something that most 25-man raiders will have access to.
  • Pandora’s Plea – From Mimiron. 108 Intellect and a spell power proc. I would take a spirit one or spell power one over this. However, since most of our regen comes from replenishment sources, it’s not as bad of a trinket as some people think.

10-man (Normal) Ulduar options:

  • Sif’s Rememberance: From Thorim hard-mode. 110 spell power and a mana regen proc. This is a lesser version of the Show of Faith trinket, which is easier to get (if your guild run 10-mans).
  • Meteorite Crystal – From Algalon.  111 intellect, and an “on use” effect that increases spell power. This is similar to pandora’s plea.
  • Spark of Hope – From Kologarn. 100 Spirit, and reduced mana cost of spells (between 30 & 40 mana off your spell as a resto druid). The spirit is still useful for resto druids, and the mana cost reduction is really nice. This is one of the trinkets that I use in my healing set.
  • Energy Siphon -From  Flame Leviathan. 43 Mana/5, and a spell power “use” effect. Not really that great. However, I hear they may be buffing the amount of mana/5 on gear “soon”, so this may become useful in the future (or, it may not…).

Overall, my personal preference is to have one spell power trinket and one mana-regen trinket. I have a spark of hope already, and I’m most likely going to see the Scale of Fates one above the other spell power options. Also, if I missed any trinkets you think are worthy of resto druids, let me know.

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11 comments on “A look at Healer trinkets in Ulduar
  1. Aertimus says:

    We trees think alike so much. I’ve been picking apart trinkets much of the weekend – you got to it first! Hope the hard mode gear list is helpful.

  2. Animagis says:

    I only picked it up since no caster dps were present, but the Broodmother trinket from 10 man Razorscale is a fun choice that has served me well since replacing the Egg with it. I prefer trinkets without use functions.

  3. Averna says:

    AH! Thanks for listing these! Ima link back to you on this. In my opinion trinkets are so dependent on what you need at the moment – I used Spark of Hope for the mana it regens/saves me on longer more intense fights, but use a spell power trinket on the less mana intensive ones.

    Besides, I had gotten to the end of my list and had literally spent like, 8 straight hours on it (I don’t know WHY it took me that long – I’m very indecisive I think, about ordering gear >.<) and then got to the trinket section and was like ./weeeeep

    Anyway, thanks for the post =)

    PS – just noticed today that you weren’t on my blogroll. That was quickly remedied. =)

  4. Lissanna says:

    The difference is that I ordered them randomly so that I didn’t show favoritism, and I’m forcing other people to decide what they want more, based on their own actual needs.


  5. Perlek(sargeras) says:

    seeing as my mana regen is already high as all get out i really dont need a mana regen or spirit trinket i am dropping majestic for pandoras plee because teh proc is crazy good and the extra mana makes up for the mana regen i drop and i am after scales of fate because teh spell power is nice and next patch they are buffing nurish and more haste is only a good thing

  6. Viiryen says:

    It isn’t an Ulduar trinket, but I’m personally very fond of Illustration of the Dragonsoul for a pure Spellpower trinket. When I checked my guilds’ combat log parse the buff had a 95% or more uptime on most fights(Phase transists are the only time it really tends to drop) for me, your mileage may vary based on playstyle. As an added bonus, it’s super easy to get.

  7. Zborinka says:

    Can you confirm that when using the Spark of Hope, that the mana returned when Lifebloom blooms is not reduced?

  8. Lissanna says:

    @zborinka – As of the last patch, nothing reduced the amount of mana returned by the bloom.

  9. tacklinfuel says:

    the two best trinkets in my opinion are Illustration of the dragon soul and Spark of Hope. If you give me sustained and consistent raid damage, I can heal over 7k/second.

  10. nathan says:

    Again, not an Ulduar trinket – but I’d be curious to know your opinon on the Darkmoon Card Greatness trink? (especially compared to those listed above). Nice article – thanks!

  11. Bearcowcat says:

    Darkmoon Card: Blue Dragon, a level 60 item, still gives great MP5.



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