Congrats to my Little Sister

So, my sister is getting married today (in real life, not in the game). That means I don’t have much time to post this weekend. I rushed to get out the 3.2 PTR posts before the weekend, and then ran out of things to talk about, so that I could mostly take the weekend off of posting content (sometimes, you have to realize that RL > WoW). I had to take a whole week off of raiding to be able to fly out to California for her special day, which is why I rushed to get done with the summer holiday achievements early…

Congrats to Jen & my new Brother-in-law!


If you want something to read today that is WoW related, there’s a Shared Topic posted up on Twisted Nether, based on something I posted about a while back (Paying attention to your surroundings when you are raiding). There were a bunch of replies to the shared topic that you can see on the Twisted Nether site, covering not only healers but DPS and tanks, too!

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