Four piece bonus of Rejuvenation-spam

So, Thursday night, my guild killed Freya for the first time in 25-man Ulduar, and I got my T8 pants that completed my 4-piece Tier 8 set bonus.

So, I now have the 4-piece set bonus of rejuvenation-spam. I haven’t yet had the opportunity to try it out in a 25-man raid yet, since we don’t normally raid Fridays. I’ll probably post more about it once I’ve had a chance to really give it a test run for a week or two.

I ran part of a 10-man Naxx to play with it a little bit, and mostly ended up with rejuvenation jumping up from about 20-30% of my healing done in raids before I had the set bonus to being about 50% of my healing done last night. However, it could just be that people just generally weren’t taking very much damage & I was over-spamming it for fun, since it was mostly people who had enough gear that we blew through everything pretty fast. So, to really see how it influences my healing overall, I’ll have to see it in action in Ulduar.

Then again, I think what will happen is that I’ll stop using lifebloom as much when I’m raid healing, since I would end up casting lifebloom on someone if they needed more immediate attention. So, now rejuv does both immediate healing and stays on them longer than lifebloom. I’ll keep using wildgrowth when raid healing. Then, I’ll still have to use swiftmend and nourish some, since rejuv’s direct heal is still small.

The rejuvenation direct heal is about 1,500 (depending on gear/buffs). So, when people have about 20,000 HP, then the rejuv bonus isn’t going to make a big dent if they are low on health, which is why we can’t just use rejuv for all of our healing done.

For tank healing, rejuvenation’s role isn’t going to change all that much, since I’m not just going to be able to spam rejuv as a direct heal all day or anything. I’ll end up sticking with nourish plus all my HOTS…

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3 comments on “Four piece bonus of Rejuvenation-spam
  1. Sububuduh says:

    You will find yourself abusing the spell for a little while. Have fun on IC. The first phase is a guaranteed 6k healing. >_>

  2. Chris says:

    Hey Lissanna how are ya! (Arthasyomama)

  3. Chris says:

    Hey Lissanna how are ya (arthasyomama)


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