Gearing up my moonkin off-spec

While my primary role in raids is healing, sometimes I get the opportunity to go moonkin. Being DPS in 25-man raids doesn’t mean I get to slack off. It means I have to worry about having 2 sets of gear, instead of just worrying about one.

moonkin-gear-not-lookin-so-goodSo, this last week or two, I worked on acquiring some items to boost up my moonkin gear set. My mish-mashed gear set managed to leave me looking quite silly when I’m out of moonkin form (though I can turn off my helm and cloak to look better).

I also re-did my talents, to drop the 2 points out of Intensity, and put them back into the resto tree. So, now I have a 58/0/13 spec. I wasn’t having mana problems when I was DPS’ing in raids, so I dropped two mana regen talent points, to make sure I could max out Imp Faerie Fire, and still have a point for Typhoon & one in Owlkin Frenzy (to help when soloing, and because I still get hit with enough AOE effects that a point in Frenzy is worth more than extra regen when I’m not running OOM).

My biggest problem was staying hit-capped, without losing all of my Ulduar-level healing gear with high spell power. So, I made some recent Off-set gear acquisitions, so that I could get high hit rating out of just wearing a few hit pieces of armor:

Then, the only outdated piece of armor I need to get hit-capped is my belt: Plush sash of Guzbah

The rest of my gear ends up being mostly my resto healing gear, with a couple pieces swapped out for things that are appropriate for moonkin (such as the Idol of the Shooting Star).

What I need now to boost up my moonkin gear is set pieces. Since my focus was on gearing up my resto gear, all my effort was spent on getting the 4-piece bonus for my healing set, and it’s hard to off-spec set pieces out of Ulduar (and I rarely, if ever, go back to run 25-man Naxx), which leaves me with none of the set bonuses for either set. I’m also badly in need of another trinket. I had been using the +hit jewelcrafting trinket, but I don’t need it anymore now that I have higher item-level hit gear, which leaves me in a position where I don’t really have anything better to replace it with (the spirit trinket that I use, spark of hope, for my resto set is not appropriate for my moonkin set).

I’m very careful about not taking moonkin gear over people who need it for main sets, so my moonkin gear tends to lag behind, which makes it difficult (but not impossible) to switch between my two dualspec talent sets.

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4 comments on “Gearing up my moonkin off-spec
  1. aramis says:

    Question: With the stats the way they are, would you consider Phaelia’s vestments a healer’s piece still or is it more geared toward Boomkins? If it’s the latter, would seem kind of ironic considering it was a piece made to honor a celebrated Resto Druid.


  2. Lissanna says:

    I think it works as either a moonkin or resto piece. I got it as an off-spec piece so I could save it from being DE’d, and so I could gem it with spell hit as part of my moonkin set. It doesn’t rank very high on Graylo’s moonkin gear list, but it was better than either wearing my resto piece, or using left-overs from Naxx, because I had a yellow gem slot where I could put a high hit-rating gem and overall increase the item-level of my moonkin set.

  3. Takira says:

    Here’s an easy trinket I’d suggest to get for that second slot:
    111 spellpower and the pvp movement freedom on-use.

    Costs 25 wintergrasp tokens (So pretty easy to get) but it was added in 3.1 and still doesn’t show up on most gear lists. Pretty good for not having to compete with anyone to get it.
    ~Takira (Blackhand-US)

  4. Lissanna says:

    thanks Takira. Guess it’s time for me to go pvp…


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