Genesis is for resto, NOT for moonkin or ferals.

I have a lot of readers who are new to the druid class, and sometimes I take for granted that they know certain information, when they probably don’t. So, after reading a disturbing post on the Druid forums, I feel the need to explain what the Genesis talent does and doesn’t do.

Genesis is a talent in the first tier of the balance tree. It’s tooltip states: Increases the damage and healing done by your periodic damage and healing effects by 1/2/3/4/5%.

Why can’t my feral druid spec into it? First off – the Feral cat & bear bleeds don’t benefit from this talent. Even if they did, it would not be worth the 5 point investment in the balance tree. A good feral druid right now puts zero points in balance. This is not a tasty feral talent. There is plenty of bloat in the feral tree, and plenty of tasty talents in the resto tree for feral druids. Don’t throw away talent points in the balance tree.

So, what about moonkin, I mean it IS in the balance tree? The problem with this talent for moonkin is that it’s a huge waste of talent points. For a tiny DPS increase, you can dump 5 talent points down the drain? No thank you! I mean, most raiding balance druids are even skipping Improved Moonfire, which gives twice the damage bonus for less than half the points. That’s how bad Genesis is for moonkin – we’re already skipping a talent more powerful than it. Moonkin are not really a DOT-based like warlocks are, so a 5% increase to our DOT damage is a really, really small DPS increase overall. So, not worth it for moonkin.

Well, then who was genesis designed for? Genesis was designed for restoration druids. When Nature’s Grasp was taken out of the balance tree, and the “powers that be” didn’t want resto druids to spec 0/0/71. So, they invented genesis (a pretty good resto talent), and moved things like Nature’s Grace lower in the tree so resto druids could easily get it. Another great resto talent in the balance tree is Nature’s Splendor, so that we don’t have to re-cast our HOTs very often. So, genesis is the way for resto druids to progress up the balance tree, the way that Furor is designed for feral & moonkin druids to progress up the resto tree.

Got it?

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11 comments on “Genesis is for resto, NOT for moonkin or ferals.
  1. Tigerfeet says:

    ‘the Feral cat & bear bleeds don’t benefit from this talent’

    This is absolutely true. When 3.0 was getting ready to roll out I assembled a raiding spec and posted it up on the druid forums, then I asked if taking genesis would be a good idea. Bleeds are a periodic affect, would this be worthwhile for a feral?

    I meant to test it in-game, but Toskk beat me to it and he found it does not work for ferals.

  2. Lavata says:

    We must inform the n00bkin to eventually become decent b00mkin so that the truly great are d00mkin.

  3. Keeva says:

    It’s simply a case of a badly worded talent. It needs the word “magic” inserted, or similar, to make it more obvious.

    There are a few that are worded badly – I don’t blame people for getting confused.

  4. Poras says:

    i’m not gonna lie… i’ve never seen a moonkin or feral take genesis yet… but i’ve checked the specs of the other druids in my guild.

    i’m actually very shocked that ferals are speccing this.

    Officer/Resto Druid
    -Pango Honoratus-

  5. Lissanna says:

    I was surprised that there are still reports of people doing this. However, if you are just reading the talents & not coming to places like this for advice, I can see how that talent is worded in a way that can be confusing.

  6. Cusper says:

    I totally agree… I do not see why people who take such a small increase in dps… soooo many other talents out there to spec into…

    But… Got it!

  7. aramis says:

    Ok, so my secondary spec is, of course boomkin, from resto, is it NOT necessary to put the points in Genesis? I only SEMI raid with boomkin, if just stick to heroics and dailies? Meaning, do I need to respec to get the points out of there and if I do will it make a difference?

    If that’s the case it will be five points I could definitely use elsewhere as I am an IFF Boomkin.

  8. Lissanna says:

    @aramis, It’s even worse for just doing heroics and dalies because your DOTs have less time to tick and give you DPS contributions, so Genesis is probably an even smaller DPS increase for you than it is for raiders. Put that 5 points somewhere (anywhere!) else.

  9. aramis says:

    HAHA. KK, thanks Liss…as always, your advice is much appreciated.

  10. Andy says:

    First of all…genesis is a BIIGGGG deal in resto considering the 2 top heals for a resto druids are hots, Rejuv, and WG. second…in the balance tree genesis does not only benefit 1 spell but 2, and IS is more powerfull then MF, even if you have them both glyphed. but you are right imp MF is better, but you can also find room for Genesis…not the full 5% but 3% at the most and it helps with your MF and IS so its an extra 6% damage. If you are going to spend money makeing a fourm, learn your shit bro.
    i have it speced to 2% as a boomkin, only because there is no other place to put my points..if there was anything else to boost my DPS sure i would get out of it asap..but there is more then enough points at 80 to spec into a little but


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