Graphic cat & bear form updates – PTR in action!

Here are links to other people’s Youtube videos. We were also told a while back that WoWinsider (now would eventually likely post videos of the forms in action. I can’t get onto the PTR yet because my characters haven’t finished copying over (grumble grumble). I’ll be posting more screenshots of them later that I’ll be taking (probably tomorrow – or whenever my characters copy). However, I wanted to get some of the previews posted up now that other people have posted on the forums. Overall, what I’ve seen has made me like the forms better than the still shots that got posted on the WoW forums.

There is also one version of the Night Elf bear forms that aren’t showing up on the PTR (purple bear, I think). There is a post on the druid forums with mostly tauren pictures, but it may gain more links as the day goes on.

Here is a video posted on the druid forums by Chaparral. It has both tauren & night elf forms. Night elves start a little after 5 minutes into the video.

Click here for another video link of tauren Druids only.

Click here for another video link of Night Elf druids only.

Here’s one of the screenshots of Tauren bears posted on the forums by Eira:


Tauren (left) and Night Elf (Right) cats side-by-side (posted by thelan):


Tauren(left) & Night elf (right) bears side-by side (posted by thelan):


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3 comments on “Graphic cat & bear form updates – PTR in action!
  1. vouv says:

    Oh my god the mouth opens and closes I’m so happy^^

  2. Rick says:

    NE forms aren’t so pink… Thank you gosh!!!

  3. aramis says:

    I can’t wait for those to go live! I’ll definitely be sporting the darker colors as a NE Druid…did you see them!? Obviously no one has if they aren’t saying how BADASS they look! LOL


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