Hair/skin color pairings with Bear & Cat colors

It looks like the pairings for what forms will go with what hair colors are up on the WoW forums and MMO-champion.

The Forum post has a list of the combos. There are sets for tauren male/female, and Night Elf male/female. The Taurens get some actual mixing & matching of the feral colors. The NE’s have pretty much a 1 cat to 1 bear pairing (NE’s do have less hair color options than Tauren have skin tones). Tauren male have 7, tauren female have 6, and both NE races have 5.

Then, MMO-champion did a great job of actually turning them into pictures so that I don’t have to paste the giant block of text here.

So, which Night Elf cat/bear pairings to I like the best? Well, I’d like the dark blue pairing, except that they put pink dangly balls on it, which prompted all of Big Bear Butt’s ball jokes. There is also someone else who photoshopped the cat forms to look bejeweled.  Personally, I’m not likely going to want to run around as the white cat, as the pink cotton-candy fuzz is just not okay for me. The third option still has a lot of pinks & purples, so while I like the bear, I’d rather go with something less bright day-glow for my cat form.  The fourth one is actually my bright green/blue hair color, and has the more subtle purple & gray colorings that I may just stick with my current hair color and keep those graphics. The 5th one has my favorite cat paired to my least favorite bear, so I probably won’t go with that pairing. I really, really need to see ’em in action before I decide. Looks like I’m going to have to download the PTR this time around.


You should be able to click on the pictures to go to the larger size. Here’s the Tauren pairings, which I love all of them (instead of spending time deciding which pairing I dislike the least, I’m trying to decide which one I like the most). It’s definitely time for me to go back and re-dedicate to leveling my Tauren druid as feral. I’m thinking the bottom right one (the dark gray bear paired with the white cat) actually looks pretty interesting, but it’s male-only. For my female one, I’m probably going with the white/white (very bottom), or maybe the brown/brown the third down on the left.


What colors will you pick?

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10 comments on “Hair/skin color pairings with Bear & Cat colors
  1. Chipster says:

    I will be going for the Night-Elf black cat/bear. The bear form is not my favourite out of the bunch, but I really like the black cat, and that matches my existing hair colour, which is a gigantic plus for me.

    The only one that really makes me cringe, though, is the green-haired bear.

    My personal choice for bear would be the middle one, but I’ll take my 2 out of 3 choices.

    I really like how the Horde side can mix and match a little more than Alliance. It would be nice (in a perfect world) to pick the 2 you liked best, regardless of hair/skin colour. Oh well, I am happy for what I am getting (and happier for my Horde druid friends/enemies and their new non-stupid cat form)

  2. Boize says:

    Yay for Scar + Brown bear.
    That’ll be my choice!

  3. Beltain says:

    Due to ‘big brother’ internet blocks I can’t check the forums. Anyone know if NE facial tats will be brought across to the feral forms or are they going with just the one shown for all the ferals?

    I am lucky, my blue-green hair color brings me feral forms that I find livable in both bear and cat.

  4. Maor says:

    I’ll either go with 4 or 5 for my NE and probably third one down right for my Tauren (since that’s the only pairing I like there) if I ever decide to level him again.

  5. Maor says:

    Wait, left, not right (for the Tauren).

  6. Lissanna says:

    With the feral forms, all the facial markings and all the details are non-customizable right now. You just get what you see, as best as I’ve been able to tell. They may change it in the future.

  7. darksend says:

    Staying with my purple hair since I think it is the best bear form (despite being an abomination of a cat form).

  8. Kae says:

    While the night elf blue-hair choices aren’t what I was anticipating, I’m not going to complain 🙂 I like the choices made for both my night-elf (dark blue hair->black/black feral) and my moocow (grayish tan->sandy ferals).

    Though my kitty form does seem to have a case of pink-eye 😀

  9. Arwen says:

    Wow O_o I like this rendition.
    I changed my hair to prepare for this XD BLUE!!!
    Originally white and yes, don’t want to look like a cotton candy fuzz.

  10. Frederick says:

    I’m tauren and I’ll choose black skin, only because I’m going to tank much in 3.2. But as for kitty, I’d choose white. Dunno why, but those blue eyes look cool!


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