June spotlight on: New Druid Bloggers!

So, this is something I’ve been periodically doing. I look at Blog Azeroth, and I find fairly decent quality druid bloggers to introduce to my readers. Although there’s only rolling restarts today, I figure you’ll still need some reading material for the downtime on a handful of servers that are going to be down longer. I’m also going to be on an airplane during maintenance today (what? I plan everything around maintenance days!). I’ll still be posting while I’m on my trip. There’s too many exciting things going on, with the PTR for 3.2 ready to start up any day… so I’m blaming my summer teaching job and bringing my laptop with me!

So, here are the gems that I found today in my search.

First up, Boize of the Moonglade blog. Boize is from New Zealand and has a brand new druid blog! There aren’t many posts up yet. However, there is some pretty interesting posts about things like casual versus hardcore players.

Another new druid blog is  Tranquility druid by Spexie. This is a resto druid blog, with a focus on raiding. Posts include information about haste rating, being prepared for raids, and other posts that you should read.

Last, but not least, is Wild Growth by Tazha. Tazha’s blog has posts about raiding, adventure, achievements and more!

To the new bloggers: welcome to the druid blogging community! (also, I’m going by dates they posted intros at Blog Azeroth, so if you’ve been around longer than I thought, I apologize).

To everyone else… go check out their blogs!

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One comment on “June spotlight on: New Druid Bloggers!
  1. Aertimus says:

    w00t. We need more of this!


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