Neither early nor late

Okay, so over at Too Many Anna’s, they have a Friday 5. It’s mostly an RP thing, but since I used to be from Cenarion Circle, there’s still a little bit of RP in my druid’s blood. I particularly liked this last Friday’s questions. They have to do with time.

  1. Is your character usually early, on time, or late?  What does he or she expect from other people with regards to time?
  2. Is your character a morning sparrow or a night owl?  Is this their nature, or have they trained themselves to it?
  3. Does your character carry a time-keeping device? (watch, pocket watch, chronometer, gnomish buzzbox with digital clock peripheral)
  4. How does your character deal with the Bronze Dragonflight – does he or she take them seriously?  take the Caverns of Time seriously?
  5. What does your character eat for breakfast on a “normal morning”? (whenever that “morning” happens to take place)

Okay, so here are my responses:

  • Lissanna is usually early, or on time. She hopes that other people will also be early or on time, but realizes that there are some people who always show up late.
  • Lissanna is much more of a night owl than a morning sparrow.  She’s a night owl because usually, the night time is when she is called on into the dark places of Northrend.
  • Lissanna doesn’t have a watch or time piece. She does, however, have a very curious compas that isn’t very good at telling the right direction.
  • Lissanna takes the bronze dragonflight seriously. However, she isn’t sure why she had to help rescue Thrall in the Caverns of Time. She thinks that she should have just left Thrall there, as she doesn’t really like having to escort horde enemies to safety.
  • Lissanna doesn’t usually eat breakfast. However, she does like to drink a lot of Honey Mint Tea.

Hmm. That was kindof fun. 🙂

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4 comments on “Neither early nor late
  1. Kae says:

    I can’t really imagine any night elves being morning sparrows. It just seems wrong 🙂

  2. Relevart says:

    But if Thrall had died there, then he never would have formed his alliance with Jaina and saved both the humans and the orcs from Grom. Without saving Grom, there would not have been a Battle of Mount Hyjal. It was during the Battle of Mount Hyjal that all of the races allied against Archimonde.

    To be fair, all was fine and the orcs were peaceable until a certain Proudmoore Admiral came talking of peace but seeking destruction. It was this act that eventually led to the split of the Alliance and the Horde.

    Anyway, believe it or not, Thrall has always sought peace with the Alliance. Yet always, the Alliance has condemned him because of the sins of his forefathers. Thrall’s a good guy, you just have to get past all that spiky armor to see it!

  3. Lavata says:

    Relevart, Thrall may be a good guy and from all of the official info on him he is. It is the rest of the orcs that are a problem.

    Look at the young upstart from the Ulduar opening trailor. Too many of the younger horde members have too much blood lust in them for the Horde to be peaceful. True half of the Humans and some of the Xenophobic Night Elves can be just as bad.

    Actually from what I can tell the peaceful races are the Dwarves, Gnomes and Tauren. It is hard to say on the Dranei and Belfs.

  4. Relevart says:

    Brought up in a world where they must struggle to survive, hated for how they look, not how they would actually be, it comes as no surprise that the orcs became more and more violent. They are simply responding to their environment in a way that will allow them to survive.

    And what’s worse is that the older orcs encourage this behavior. They do so not out of a thirst for blood and an insatiable appetite for killing but rather out of remembrance of the battles they have fought and how they were pursued and persecuted. The orcs are violent not because they choose to be but because they must be to survive in a world stacked against them. We should all be thankful for Thrall’s temperance and guidance for surely without him the orcs would either be hunted to extinction or rejoin the Burning Legion and work to enslave all of the other races of Azeroth. And we would only be able to blame our own cruel natures for turning them so far away from us.


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