New mount levels – what about travel form(s)?

EDIT: An update from this afternoon (after I posted this thread):

In 3.2, the following changes will be made to druid movement forms:

Travel Form: Requires level 16
Flight Form: Requires level 60 (150% flight speed)

Swift Flight Form: Requires level 70

So, looks like travel form is coming early for druids in 3.2. This is a good change. Guess I spoke too soon. 🙂

Original (already outdated) post below:

Okay, so I’m really happy for the new mount levels that were announced yesterday.

Recap for patch 3.2:

  • Level 20, you get the regular 60% speed land mount training
  • Level 40, you get the 100% speed land mount training
  • Level 60, you get the regular 150% flying speed mount training
  • Level 70, you get the 280% flying speed training
  • Cold weather flying still required at the old level.

Okay, so these are going to be great for all the new players or everyone’s lower level alts.

Like Keeva already beat me to posting about, this makes me wonder about the druid land travel form & flying travel form.

The more obvious consequence is that we’ll probably get our regular flying form sooner, but we’ll probably lose the 2 level advantage we had over other people’s regular flying forms. It would be really lame if they kept flying form the same level as it is now. Flying form is also going to need a speed buff to match the regular 150% flying speed training.

Epic flight form probably won’t be available any earlier, which is fine, since the faster flying speed didn’t change levels or anything.

What worries me is how useful our land travel form will be, outside of like level 80 outdoor PvP areas.  I know Akeeva said “QQ moar” already. However, if we get our ground travel form 10 levels after we get a mount speed that is 20% faster than our travel form, then travel form just kinda gets shrugged off as a form while we’re leveling, and it’s entire original purpose (of being able to move faster before we had mounts) has pretty much already evaporated. I know that our land travel form is already abandoned to some extent, but the mount change really makes me wish it would have some sort of greater purpose. I don’t think they could give us cat & travel form both at level 20, so I think that our travel form is just doomed to be semi-useless for a lot of druids. Some druids find uses for it, but I’m starting to even forget what it looks like, since I don’t spend much time in PvP. I don’t think it’s worth the developers time to even fix or replace travel form. It just has to stay mostly abandoned, as the level 80 arena escape form that we get at level 30.

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14 comments on “New mount levels – what about travel form(s)?
  1. Edric says:

    Hey there Liss, I am curious… What are some changes you would like to see to make the travel form more… useful?

  2. Lissanna says:

    I’m not sure. Our land travel form can’t move faster in combat or that would make it too overpowered for pvp. Just getting it sooner is still not going to be meaningful in any real way when mounts are level 20. I think it’s kinda just doomed.

  3. Lavata says:

    I was just saying that you would make a post when I posted about it on mine.

  4. LXj says:

    It’s runaway form now

  5. Lavata says:

    Actually if they wanted to keep it relevant as just another travel form giving it at 18 would be interesting.

    Sea from at 16
    Land at 18
    Mount at 20

  6. Maor says:

    Travel form is kind of useless at the moment now. Its just that shamans get to join us in having a useless travel form now.

    That said, its mostly useful at the moment for the times when you need to get away from mobs or in PvP.

    I suppose hey could change the travel form so that it has the same speed as a mount (you’ll still need to buy the riding skills go get it, but like swift flight form now) but then you wouldn’t be able to use it in combat anymore.

  7. Fleethoof says:

    Unless I’m crazy, I believe that I also read that the cast time on mounts was also being reduced to 1.5 seconds. This will even take away the niche of using travel form to quickly get between mobs (where spending 3 seconds summoning your mount wouldn’t be worth it).

    I don’t understand why an epic travel form (with restrictions) is not introduced, maybe even at level 30. Make it unusable in combat, make it unusable in arena, hell, even make it unusable in BGs if people think it will imbalance WSG. I just want a reason to use my travel form over my land mounts, just like I have a reason to use my flight form over other flying mounts.

    Is that too much to ask?

  8. Kae says:

    Fleethoof: Epic Cheetah Form! That’d be great, even if it was given to us at level 50 (after the level 40 epic mounts).

    Mebs they should just give shaman, hunters, and druids their baby speed buffs/shifts at level 5 and be done with it 🙂

  9. Boombaclot says:

    I just wanna say I just lvled a druid to 60 with recruit a friend and so far its been fun, ur website also has been a prime tool in my search for knowledge on the class. But my question is: Why complain about travel form when in my eyes it has been pointless since they lowered the mount req to lvl 30. I do hope they lower the lvl requirment for epic flying form tho.

  10. Chipster says:

    Just throwing this out there, since it just got posted, but:

    In 3.2, the following changes will be made to druid movement forms:

    Travel Form: Requires level 16
    Flight Form: Requires level 60 (150% flight speed)
    Swift Flight Form: Requires level 70

  11. Lissanna says:

    Thanks Chipster. I guess I QQ’d too soon. 🙂

  12. scaresome says:

    I’m completely spoiled by Swift Flight Form, jumping on a gryphon seems to take forever; let’s keep it that way.

    Plus, I wish we could use flight form, yet grounded, in Dalaran.

  13. Maor says:

    Swift Flight form > Any flying mount

  14. Kuhbus says:

    and i love cliffjumping … and switching fo flightform before ground contact! 🙂


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