New to healing? Practice in Battlegrounds!

My last post here was on being able to handle healing while still paying attention to your surroundings. A great place to get practice at doing this is battlegrounds (of just about any type). All you need is a group of people to heal, in a situation where you could be stabbed in the back at any minute.


A couple of the Feral bloggers I follow (such as Big Bear Butt) have recently started trying out healing. I also have a fair number of readers of this blog that are new to the druid class. So, I wanted to highlight this tactic for getting better at raid healing without having to get locked into a raid instance to see if you’ll make the cut.

One way to start healing is just to jump right into instances at level 80. However, if you really have no idea what all those healing buttons on your screen are for, some quick PvP practice healing a random group of noob DPS in Arathi Bain or Alterac Valley battle grounds is a good way to get used to what healing feels like.

It’ll even make you start to be good at watching your own health bar and paying attention to your surroundings; while also dealing with people running out of range, and trying to keep people topped off while they’re taking a beating… all at the same time! It’s a low risk environment to practice healing, and in most battleground pugs, there aren’t many people who actually want to heal there, so you’ll be a welcome force that tags along behind people. It will also help you with things like testing to see whether or not your bars are going to have the right information on them, or if you really feel like something is wrong with your UI.

Of course, the only way to learn the boss fights is to practice those fights. However, just for getting used to the healing spells and techniques you want to use, you can practice that part of it anywhere. If you are better at making the healing part more automatic (IE. my spaceship knows the right way to go), then you’ll have more attention resources that you can allocate to other things like moving out of the fire.

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7 comments on “New to healing? Practice in Battlegrounds!
  1. Shrakzul says:

    If you guys want to level fast while still being able to heal instances, the dual spec option is really a must … even if the 1k gold is painful !
    My druid is now lvl 76, leveling as Feral while speccing resto for Northrend instances. It’s a really great way to learn the keybindings and the spells to use. Since my main is a warrior, healbot is really new to me, and these instances are really great to learn how to use them early.
    Something else i tried to configure the UI before 80 was to get invited to a BC/vanilla 25 man raid (a lot of people are still runnin them on their 80s for fun on my server). This will really save a lot of time when you actually get to 80 and are eager to start Naxx !

    Shrakzul … or soon to be 80 druid Moohtree :p

  2. Kae says:

    AV’s the first place I went when I respecced to tree from feral and installed Grid. I was new to Grid AND to tree healing (hadn’t really healed since vanilla wow’s HT rank 4 spam days, and had not adapted while leveling to 70), and AV got me back into the groove of it.

    Ironically, AV is the place I originally went to learn how to play feral 🙂 it’s a great place to play guinea pig!

  3. Thanners says:

    I find that PVP is usually a great way for me to get used to using certain things. Whenever I’m trying something new (a new talent spec, new keybindings, new UI layout, etc), after some brief testing against mobs, I almost always end up jumping into a battleground, skirmish Arena or just duelling.

    It’s a good way to reinforce muscle memory of pressing those buttons that you wouldn’t ordinarily use while solo farming. It’s also my preferred way to test whether my keybinds are suitable, since, again, just walking around solo against normal mobs won’t do a good job of testing whether you can really hit that cooldown ability Right Away, When You Need It.

    Um, it also helped to train to remember to keep an eye on my own health, too. (c:

  4. OizO says:

    Totally agree, I always argue with guild partners that healing in a BG is the fastest way to learn the mechanics and make you faster to discern which heal could be the best for any situation. I love to heal in a BG as it’s always very dynamic and you never know exactly what is going to happen next, that’s a really challenge for your healing skill. 🙂

  5. Hogit says:

    I used AV to brush up on healing also. @Kae it makes a good place to setup Grid too.

    You can really learn a lot just following the crowd during a push.

  6. joec says:

    i found another great way to practice healing. stick some party members under water. let them run out of breath and start healing. see how long you can keep them alive. though i dont have a healing class, i had my friend try it out(we was bored)and he had his hands full.

  7. Fladondris says:

    Hi, I’m thinking of dual speccing into healing just for Heroic 5 mans. I basically got sick and tired of seeing all the DPS in LFG and not any healers or tanks. I was originally going to go tanking but that looked like a lot of work and I’d need all new gear so I decided to do Moonkin/Tree. I’m already familiar with healing since my alt is a holy priest (used to be my main before BC and till the end of BC) but I haven’t healed with a druid before. What bonus healing should I be looking for? This is just for 5 man heroics, I have no intention of healing raids. I was thinking of something around 1500? I’m already over that but I just wanted to make sure. Thanks in advance.


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