Monthly Archives: June 2009

New PTR druid form pictures – Mostly Night Elf

Okay, so here’s a handful of the pictures I took from the PTR today (my pre-made druid got copied over before my live-druid did), with the help of some unsuspecting druids who stayed still long enough for me to take pictures with them. You don’t realize how awesome they are until you’ve actually seen them […]

Graphic cat & bear form updates – PTR in action!

Here are links to other people’s Youtube videos. We were also told a while back that WoWinsider (now would eventually likely post videos of the forms in action. I can’t get onto the PTR yet because my characters haven’t finished copying over (grumble grumble). I’ll be posting more screenshots of them later that I’ll […]

Tier 9 Set bonuses & Idols for all druid specs

Okay, so I was happily surprised to see when I logged on after my airplane flight yesterday that we had some really interesting new 3.2 developments come out. I was going to post something up late last night, but I was too tired and didn’t want to just give you just a copy/paste that you […]