Monthly Archives: June 2009

June spotlight on: New Druid Bloggers!

So, this is something I’ve been periodically doing. I look at Blog Azeroth, and I find fairly decent quality druid bloggers to introduce to my readers. Although there’s only rolling restarts today, I figure you’ll still need some reading material for the downtime on a handful of servers that are going to be down longer. […]

Well, that was fast… Flame Warden Lissanna reporting for duty!

Okay, so I sat down yesterday to try and crank out the majority of the festival things. I left a couple to finish today (like getting into Orgrimmar because it was just too crowded yesterday). So, after a stealth run into Orgrimmar, and a couple other fast things today, I have already finished the Fire […]

Toasty Trees: Fire festival starts today!

This is one holiday that I usually ignore. The middle of my summers are usually pretty busy. However, with the achievement system, I want to try and get them all done to be able to get the holiday meta-achievement at some point in the future. So, lets take a look at the dangerously HOT summer […]