Monthly Archives: June 2009

Maybe the sky isn't falling…

The patch 3.2 has a LOT of changes. It’s a huge patch. It’s taken a really long time to go through everything, see what feedback people have had, and to overall evaluate the changes for the druid class. I still haven’t quite digested everything, especially the non-druid changes that are coming. I’ll go back through […]

Patch 3.2 druid changes in PTR patch notes – A first look

From the official PTR patch notes for 3.2. #  Flight Form: Can now be learned at level 60. Flight speed increased to 150%. # Travel Form: Can now be learned at level 16. These we already knew about. It’s being changed to go along with mount changes. # Innervate: Duration reduced to 10 seconds, and […]

Will the new approach to the 3.2 raid dungeon satisfy the hard-core raiders?

Okay, so more details about the next raid instance were recently released. If you missed the announcement: New epic 10- and 25-player raid dungeon with five encounters, with each encounter being unlocked one week at a time A more intuitive structure for harder encounters. This raid dungeon will have four different versions: 10-player, 25-player, 10-player […]

Genesis is for resto, NOT for moonkin or ferals.

I have a lot of readers who are new to the druid class, and sometimes I take for granted that they know certain information, when they probably don’t. So, after reading a disturbing post on the Druid forums, I feel the need to explain what the Genesis talent does and doesn’t do. Genesis is a […]