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What girl gamers wear at conventions matters more than it should.

Okay, I’m going to go a little off-topic today. I blame Averna for it.

Averna at Nerf this Druid wrote an article about the Frag Dolls (a female gaming group). I didn’t know a whole lot about them until Averna posted about them, so what I’m posting today is based on the hour or two I spent “studying” up about them. Averna didn’t give them a great review, but I think part of the problem could have been that the magazine didn’t do a good job of promoting them in a way that looked favorable. However, I haven’t read the magazine article, so I don’t know for sure.

So, I went and looked at the Frag Doll’s website. I looked at some of the pictures. I read through a couple things, skimmed through some videos – just to get a feel for their site. I really think that if they are trying to promote gaming for women that they are trying really hard, but that trying to do that at events full of men is not the easiest thing to do.

I’ve been to some of those conventions, like the San Diego Comic Con. While there are girls who go to Comic Con, when I went, I felt outnumbered to a great extent (even if I went with a group of mostly girls), and it feels like half the girls who do go are wearing… not much at all.  When I used to go to that convention, I joked about “dressing down”, instead of dressing up for it. If the girls wear T-shirts and jeans, they are still going to risk being objectified at gaming conventions and oogled at by little boys. If they actually wear baggy sweat pants, they still won’t be taken seriously any more than they already are. That just feels like part of life in the gaming world.

They could also dress so much more skanky at those events. Most of the pictures of under-dressed women in their picutres at gaming events are not the Frag Dolls. Just because they wear makeup and actually look “pretty” to some extent is really just part of how the company they work for wants to dress them up as. Also, their “glamor shot” picture on their front page seems much more air-brushed than the actual pictures of them at the gaming conventions and such. They look a lot more like real people in the convention pictures. It also sucks that I’m talking about what they dress up as, instead of talking about their gaming acomplishments.

Then again, I can also tell by looking at their website that they aren’t targeting me (a girl gamer in her mid-20’s) with how their website is designed. It looks like their target audience has to be a little bit younger (I hope!), or maybe their problem is that they are just missing their target audience by putting so much pink into their color pallet. So, they’re trying to do something that isn’t easy, and so they attract probably more male fans than female fans. That’s just something you expect from any girl gaming group – whose job is to promote gaming.

In the end, what gender you are shouldn’t matter, and how “hot” you are also shouldn’t matter, which is why I avoid doing things like posting pictures of me on this site, except for pictures of my NE druid. I want to be thought of as someone who knows about the druid class, and not as a “gamer chick”. This is also where Ferraro got it all wrong – you don’t need pictures of hot chicks on the front page to sell your website. Just having quality information is enough – and quality information just seems to be lacking on the Frag Doll’s website. Instead of having game reviews for girl gamers to read and want to play the games, we get to watch a video review of shoes (so what?). I think they could easily change the site to be better targeted at the girl gaming demographic, but if pink and pretty sells, then that’s what the big game companies think they have to do to make money.

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A look at Healer trinkets in Ulduar

This is a list of currently available trinkets that I could find for healing druids. This isn’t a “best in slot list”, but something organized in a way where you can choose what works the best for you. For the moonkin trinket list, please see Gray Matter’s moonkin “best in slot” loot list. I was going to include moonkin in this list, but decided that Graymatter’s layout made that list superior for moonkin deciding what trinkets to use. His list has a more comprehensive list of caster trinkets, since he includes all the ones that are good for moonkin & not for resto.

For resto gear in general, I’m using Averna’s list for non-set pieces at Nerf this Druid. However, Averna avoids including a list of trinkets, so I felt that I wanted to take a look at our options, to see what’s available. There’s also a hard-mode loot list, including only items from hard modes from 10 & 25-man Ulduar that is available on Hots Tree blog.

For resto druids, the trinket options aren’t that plentiful, or necessarily that great overall. We don’t really need the critical strike chance trinkets, since our HOTs can’t crit. So, I’m not including those here at all. There are also ones on this list that are less druid-friendly (such as int, mana/5, etc). So, you are going to have to decide what 2 trinkets you want to use, given what’s available to you.

25-man (heroic) Ulduar options:

  • Show of Faith – From Yogg-Saron Hard-Mode. 140 Spell power and a mana regen proc. If you can get this, you should!
  • Scale of Fates – From Thorim. 125 spell power and a large haste “On use” effect. I don’t really like the haste bonus that much, but the spell power is good. It’s also most likely something that most 25-man raiders will have access to.
  • Pandora’s Plea – From Mimiron. 108 Intellect and a spell power proc. I would take a spirit one or spell power one over this. However, since most of our regen comes from replenishment sources, it’s not as bad of a trinket as some people think.

10-man (Normal) Ulduar options:

  • Sif’s Rememberance: From Thorim hard-mode. 110 spell power and a mana regen proc. This is a lesser version of the Show of Faith trinket, which is easier to get (if your guild run 10-mans).
  • Meteorite Crystal – From Algalon.  111 intellect, and an “on use” effect that increases spell power. This is similar to pandora’s plea.
  • Spark of Hope – From Kologarn. 100 Spirit, and reduced mana cost of spells (between 30 & 40 mana off your spell as a resto druid). The spirit is still useful for resto druids, and the mana cost reduction is really nice. This is one of the trinkets that I use in my healing set.
  • Energy Siphon -From  Flame Leviathan. 43 Mana/5, and a spell power “use” effect. Not really that great. However, I hear they may be buffing the amount of mana/5 on gear “soon”, so this may become useful in the future (or, it may not…).

Overall, my personal preference is to have one spell power trinket and one mana-regen trinket. I have a spark of hope already, and I’m most likely going to see the Scale of Fates one above the other spell power options. Also, if I missed any trinkets you think are worthy of resto druids, let me know.

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Gearing up my moonkin off-spec

While my primary role in raids is healing, sometimes I get the opportunity to go moonkin. Being DPS in 25-man raids doesn’t mean I get to slack off. It means I have to worry about having 2 sets of gear, instead of just worrying about one.

moonkin-gear-not-lookin-so-goodSo, this last week or two, I worked on acquiring some items to boost up my moonkin gear set. My mish-mashed gear set managed to leave me looking quite silly when I’m out of moonkin form (though I can turn off my helm and cloak to look better).

I also re-did my talents, to drop the 2 points out of Intensity, and put them back into the resto tree. So, now I have a 58/0/13 spec. I wasn’t having mana problems when I was DPS’ing in raids, so I dropped two mana regen talent points, to make sure I could max out Imp Faerie Fire, and still have a point for Typhoon & one in Owlkin Frenzy (to help when soloing, and because I still get hit with enough AOE effects that a point in Frenzy is worth more than extra regen when I’m not running OOM).

My biggest problem was staying hit-capped, without losing all of my Ulduar-level healing gear with high spell power. So, I made some recent Off-set gear acquisitions, so that I could get high hit rating out of just wearing a few hit pieces of armor:

Then, the only outdated piece of armor I need to get hit-capped is my belt: Plush sash of Guzbah

The rest of my gear ends up being mostly my resto healing gear, with a couple pieces swapped out for things that are appropriate for moonkin (such as the Idol of the Shooting Star).

What I need now to boost up my moonkin gear is set pieces. Since my focus was on gearing up my resto gear, all my effort was spent on getting the 4-piece bonus for my healing set, and it’s hard to off-spec set pieces out of Ulduar (and I rarely, if ever, go back to run 25-man Naxx), which leaves me with none of the set bonuses for either set. I’m also badly in need of another trinket. I had been using the +hit jewelcrafting trinket, but I don’t need it anymore now that I have higher item-level hit gear, which leaves me in a position where I don’t really have anything better to replace it with (the spirit trinket that I use, spark of hope, for my resto set is not appropriate for my moonkin set).

I’m very careful about not taking moonkin gear over people who need it for main sets, so my moonkin gear tends to lag behind, which makes it difficult (but not impossible) to switch between my two dualspec talent sets.

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Four piece bonus of Rejuvenation-spam

So, Thursday night, my guild killed Freya for the first time in 25-man Ulduar, and I got my T8 pants that completed my 4-piece Tier 8 set bonus.

So, I now have the 4-piece set bonus of rejuvenation-spam. I haven’t yet had the opportunity to try it out in a 25-man raid yet, since we don’t normally raid Fridays. I’ll probably post more about it once I’ve had a chance to really give it a test run for a week or two.

I ran part of a 10-man Naxx to play with it a little bit, and mostly ended up with rejuvenation jumping up from about 20-30% of my healing done in raids before I had the set bonus to being about 50% of my healing done last night. However, it could just be that people just generally weren’t taking very much damage & I was over-spamming it for fun, since it was mostly people who had enough gear that we blew through everything pretty fast. So, to really see how it influences my healing overall, I’ll have to see it in action in Ulduar.

Then again, I think what will happen is that I’ll stop using lifebloom as much when I’m raid healing, since I would end up casting lifebloom on someone if they needed more immediate attention. So, now rejuv does both immediate healing and stays on them longer than lifebloom. I’ll keep using wildgrowth when raid healing. Then, I’ll still have to use swiftmend and nourish some, since rejuv’s direct heal is still small.

The rejuvenation direct heal is about 1,500 (depending on gear/buffs). So, when people have about 20,000 HP, then the rejuv bonus isn’t going to make a big dent if they are low on health, which is why we can’t just use rejuv for all of our healing done.

For tank healing, rejuvenation’s role isn’t going to change all that much, since I’m not just going to be able to spam rejuv as a direct heal all day or anything. I’ll end up sticking with nourish plus all my HOTS…

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