Pink Kitties on Parade!


We have our new cat form graphics. I like the style of them, but they seem a little too pink/purple. I like the coloring of the Tauren forms a lot more. I’m hoping that it’s just the black background that makes the coloring on them seem kinda strange. Then again, they even managed to make the old cat have a lot of purple-ish coloring, so it’s probably something about the way the pictures are taken for the shot that makes the colloring a bit odd (I can hope!). There’s one or two of them that don’t have as much pink (like the top right) that is pretty good, but it’ll probably get paired with one of the pink bears just to make life difficult for all of us. People who want the white bear form are going to get stuck with the white/pink kitty? Time to /reroll horde…

I really like all the Tauren forms. I’m not 100% sold on the NE forms.

Then again, I told everyone else to not QQ about the forms…. so… I’ll just say I’m happy we’re getting changes at all, and I’ll find a color combination that I like okay. It’s not like my 80 druid spends a lot of time in feral forms in the first place.

They are going to release information about the color combination/pairs with the hair/fur colors sometime either later this week or next week. We’ll get a chance to see them in action on the PTR (gooo pink kitty parade!). Now, all we need is for a barber shop to move into moonglade and I’ll be all set!

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8 comments on “Pink Kitties on Parade!
  1. Maor says:

    I personally still like the Night Elf forms more than the Tauren ones. They fit with Night Elves in game just like the Tauren ones fit with the Tauren. While yes, one is blatantly pink, there’s nothing wrong with that. Night Elves do have purple/pink skin (yes I know, its based off of hair, but the you still have that shade of skin).

  2. Kae says:

    Pink with fangs, not frills! I rather like them, just as I like the tauren cats too. I’m glad that my feral kitty will still have a pretty graphic, and I don’t think her coloration will change much from what it was before in cat 🙂 /topright

    I think you’re right about the moonglade barbershop. Can we petition for one? Maybe have them name the barber NPC in honor of the cat/bear design team. They could stick it in that empty house out by the flight masters, or something 🙂

  3. Maor says:

    Well, I think it would be nice if they fleshed out the zone more in general. >.> <.< But a barbershop would be nice there.

  4. doomkin_at_heart says:

    The new forms look great!

    …but, I do prefer the Tauren ones. The glowing eyes on the NElf cats don’t look as nice as the Tauren eyes with pupils and irises. Same with the bears.

    (And the NElf cats *are* a bit pink…)

  5. Alryn says:

    “…but, I do prefer the Tauren ones. The glowing eyes on the NElf cats don’t look as nice as the Tauren eyes with pupils and irises. Same with the bears. ”

    I agree with this statement. The glowing eyes bug me.

    Aside from all that, I don’t care.. I want new tree form!!!

  6. Lissanna says:

    After seeing the NE color schemes for cat, I think I’d rather be dead broccoli tree that bright pink cotton candy tree.

  7. Boize says:

    Wait.. after all these years the rolls are being reversed?

    Tauren cats looks better than Nelf cats!?

  8. googlebot says:

    Oh how fitting! Elves get the gay ass colors.



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