PTR for 3.2 means constant changes – here’s a look at a few recent developments

Okay, so I blinked and the PTR patch notes for 3.2 changed again.

It looks like some of the tier 9 set bonuses may have been place holders, or that they listened to feedback and changed some of them.

Only 2 druid set bonuses are changing to:

  • Druid T9 Feral 4P Bonus – Reduces the cooldown on Barkskin by -12.0 sec and increases the critical strike chance of Rip and Ferocious Bite by 5%.
  • Druid T9 Balance 4P Bonus – Increases the critical strike chance of your Starfire and Wrath spells by 3%.

So, the tanking bonus lets you use barkskin more often, instead of increasing how much it reduces damage. I believe that the rip & FB crit increase didn’t change.

The balance druid set bonus change isn’t really a surprise, since the changes to balance DPS overall means that giving crit to only one of the two spells would make it a bad set bonus. So, with this change, it should (more likely) be a worthwhile set bonus. However, it’s interesting to see that the feral bonus is 5% crit to 2 abilities, whereas the balance bonus is 3% crit to 2 abilities. At the very least, we’ll be able to benefit from the set bonus for both solar & lunar eclipse portions, so it’s probably better than before, but Graylo is already crying big tears of angry about the 4-piece moonkin bonus.

Other changes worth noting:

  1. They made the warrior 2-piece tank bonus decrease the coodown on taunt, so it’s more similar to the druid feral tanking 2-piece bonus. I’m really not sure why they needed to decrease the cooldown on all the class’ taunts right after they put taunt on diminishing returns. It doesn’t really make sense to me. However, having this as the set bonus for all the tanking classes at least makes it “balanced.”
  2. They changed the way that boss tokens will drop for the coliseum, so that the tokens will let you buy any of the set pieces (but the tokens will still have the class restrictions). The token you get from the first boss you can use to replace any of the armor pieces (helm, chest, legs – doesn’t matter which piece you get).
  3. Also, it looks like with new faction changes, druids may be able (in the future) to change from Night Elf to Tauren (and vice versa). I really don’t like the idea of faction changes, but since Blizzard has been caving in on the other ideas people have had (ie. paid server transfers, sex changes, name changes, et cetra), I guess it was just a matter of time before they tried this. It likely won’t make it out for 3.2, but it really just makes me sad…. My druid will NEVER, EVER change factions (I’m more likely to just finish leveling my tauren druid if I wanted to switch factions). I can’t imagine changing my druid’s race from what it is right now. Your race and your faction are just as important as what your class is, and changing that huge decision to something else just seems to trivialize what this game is about.
  4. Also, my favorite change of all is the change they are making to items in the raid dungeons -> you can trade them to other raid members for a short amount of time (IF they were there for the kill!). Have you ever had a raid leader that just couldn’t seem to assign loot to the right person? Were your guild members constantly opening tickets to trade items to the right person? Yes? then this change is going to save your raid from an awful lot of frustration!
  5. Also, does your raid need an extra day (or few!) to kill another boss? Well, good news! You’ll now be able to extend your raid lockout timer, to give you a little extra time for those pesky new bosses that just won’t die before Tuesday’s reset!
  6. Looks like the purple with green hair NE bear form finally made it to the PTR.
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5 comments on “PTR for 3.2 means constant changes – here’s a look at a few recent developments
  1. Lgueller says:

    I think you misunderstood the token changes. From what I understand, the class restrictions are still there, but you can buy any tier piece with the token. So no more shoulder tokens and whatnot, but we will still have to roll against DKs.

  2. Kuhbus says:

    my top change is the faction switch!
    my first char was a ally pally that i didn’t play for years now because i switched to horde pvp due to my RL friends guild.
    cant’t wait to transfer … so much memorys!

  3. Viridis says:

    Yup, small mistake on the tokens.

    (Small = MASSIVE ^^)

  4. Lissanna says:

    Woops. Looks like I misunderstood what “universal” meant… I went back and fixed it. Trying to go through a large amount of things in a small amount of time is bad…

  5. Watreskell says:

    If I was in charge of the token system, I would do it like this. 3 token types: Defender (tanks), Combatant (dps), and Restorer (healer). The defender token could be used by any class with a tank spec, but only for their tank specific piece. The combatant token could be looted by any class, but only for their dps specific piece(s), i.e. a priest could get the helm combatant token, but it would only purchase his shadow tier helm. And finally, only classes with healing specs can loot the Restorer token, but it only purchases their resto/holy set piece. Tank tokens would have about a 50% chance to drop from any boss that drops tokens, so basically, everytime you down that boss you will get one or no tank tokens. resto tokens have a 150% chance to drop, so 1 or 2, and dps tokens would have a 250% chance, so 2 or 3. I realize this could result in 3 – 6 tokens dropping, but DO IT NOW!!! (or they could adjust those numbers so that 2 – 3 tokens drop on those same percentages, I would be ok with that)


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