Resto T8 rejuv bonus – working as intended

The Tier 8 4-piece bonus for restoration druids adds a heal that comes directly when you apply the rejuvination spell to someone (that can’t crit, and doesn’t exactly heal for the amount that your other ticks heal for) . Normally, rejuvenation starts to work 3 seconds after you cast it. This set bonus makes it work immediately, so that some other raid member can’t top off your target before the spell has even had a chance to get in.

Ghostcrawler clarified a couple points about it on the healing forums:

It’s not a hot. Genesis does not affect it because Genesis only affects the periodic healing of Rejuv, Regrowth, Lifebloom and Wildgrowth.
Empowered Rejuv affects all healing, so it affects it. Improved Rejuv works like Genesis.

We typically don’t count procs from items as “your spells” but it just depends on how the talent is set up.

So, it doesn’t benefit from some talents, but it does benefit from others.

Do we need all our talents to buff the healing it does? No, I don’t think we need all of our talents to buff that initial heal. If that bonus is too great, then we’ll risk not wanting to ever upgrade to T9 armor and we’ll just end up with a bigger mess than we already have.

If the T8 bonus benefited from all our talents, it would likely account for an even bigger % of our healing done, and then we’d end up with Rejuv (and druid healing overall) possibly looking too powerful on meters (although I hate healing meters in general for a lot of reasons). This could cause problems for the spec, even though the increased rejuv healing people are seeing has to be temporary, as we won’t be using the T8 bonus when we’re level 90 or 100. If the bonus scaled really well with us through new content & as we leveled, then we’d never really want to let go of that gear, or we’d run the risk of only ever casting rejuv & sometimes wildgrowth. The idea of the set bonus being too powerful with all our full talent multipliers worries me the most. Also, it was balanced around not benefitting from those talents, so it really doesn’t bother me that much that not all the talents will buff that initial heal. It would be nice if they all worked, or if the initial heal could crit & proc living seed, but the T8 set bonus is just supposed to be a bonus and not totally define the entire druid healing style in Ulduar and beyond.

I’d also rather have the rejuv bonus be a talent on it’s own, rather than a set bonus so we could keep it forever (and then our talents could justifiably be changed to include that tick as part of the healing done), but as a set bonus, it has to… just be a set bonus. How the set bonus interacts with our talents seems a little confusing to some people, but in the end it doesn’t really make that much of a difference to me, because it’s not worth changing & possibly breaking all the talents just to buff a set bonus that is already incredibly powerful, for a spec that is doing well in Ulduar. If we were struggling to keep up, I’d be a lot more concerned about it.

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6 comments on “Resto T8 rejuv bonus – working as intended
  1. Bruski says:

    I almost corrected you there at the end, but was saved by xkcd.

    Still not quite sure if you meant effected, but it’s close enough. 😉
    And I agree with the general gist of what you’re saying, I do wish it was a talent. 🙂

  2. Beruthiel says:

    Even without benefiting from all of our talents, the set bonus is really, really strong. I did an analysis of it a few weeks back, and it is counting for roughly 12% of my night’s healing. That is a lot of free healing in my opinion.

    Of course, this goes back to a comment I made awhile back about somewhat becoming a rejuv bot for a lot of the fights in Ulduar =(

  3. Lissanna says:

    @Bruski – Ugh. I went back and edited the post. I did such a good job of using “benefit” through the whole first section. Rewrote the last couple sentences. That’s what I get for late-night posting (usually I write the posts earlier in the day and the queue them up to post on their own).

    @ Beruthiel – That’s why I don’t think it’s worth Blizzard’s time to go back and change all the talents to include the set bonus.

  4. brandon says:

    I enjoy being the Rejuv bot, especially on fights like hardmode Deconstructor and Iron Council. Creating massive overhealing for your competition is good times, imo. Until that becomes detrimental to the success of the raid, it’s at least an aspect that brings the lulz. I don’t think it’s OP, and I don’t feel pigeonholed into just casting rejuv… unless it’s a situation that calls for it, in which case, it’s just utilizing my strongest feature. But there are very few cases where that becomes my most viable option.

  5. Maor says:

    I can see how they could make this a permanent part of the druid tree with a talent. It would be nice for those situation where you need just a small instance heal to top someone off long enough to get a longer heal on. While you can do this with rejuv+swiftmend that still requires setup to work properly.

  6. Brent says:

    If they follow the same logic they did with T7, there will be a new Rejuv glyph, “Glyph of Instant Rejuvenation” or somesuch, when the T9 dungeon is released. *fingers crossed*


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